49/52 My Sunday Photo: 03/12/2017

¬†Tomorrow is a big day for us. We’re finally off to Disneyland Paris after a lot of planning and a lot of waiting. It is our first family trip to Disney and the first time BattleDad and I have returned in five years.
We went five years ago for the 20th anniversary celebrations and we’re going back for the 25th. We visit every five years as the Disney anniversary is also that of my husband’s, as he was part of the opening crew in 1992. And I cannot wait to share it with BattleKid this year.
So, in honour of this year’s trip, I thought I’d share a picture or two from our last visit. I had to dig deep in my external hard drive to find them, but find them I did. I’m hoping I’ll be able to share some magical ones with you on our return.
Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary - my sunday photo Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary - my sunday photo
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9 thoughts on “49/52 My Sunday Photo: 03/12/2017

  1. I know you’ll have a fabulous time at Disney. I live in Florida and have so many great memories from all my visits to Orlando’s Disney World. Can’t wait to see more fab shots.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time! I went years ago and I really want to take Freya as I think she would love it. Can’t wait to read your posts. #MySundayPhoto

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