5 Places I’d like to visit with BattleKid

There are some places I’ve been that I want to revisit with BattleKid when he is older and other places we’ve yet to travel to that we would like to share with him. Having been born and raised in Africa until I was 9 years old, and having visited Saudi Arabia when I was 10 for 2 months, travelling has been in my blood since a young age. Thanks Lolo!

While I’ve done plenty of package holidays and weekends away with BattleDad, friends and family, there is still alot more of the world I want to see, with BattleKid along for the ride from now on. So here are the five places I most want to visit with BattleKid. One trip I’ve done with BattleDad before and one is coming up this year, hopefully to be repeated in years to come. The other three are definitely bucket list destinations I want to visit with BattleKid when he’s older. In no particular order:

  1. New York. I’ve never visited New York, ever. I’ve been to Chicago and really liked it but NYC has been on BattleDad’s and my to-do list for a while now. BattleDad was there when he was only a baby but hasn’t been back since. So this year we are heading stateside with BattleKid. Our longest flight to date with BattleKid has been 4 hours so it’s going to be a challenge with a 2 year old for 7 hours but we aren’t going to let it stop us! My sister-in-law ItsCherrySue went with her boys (young men now) last October and she Snapchatted her way through their trip and it was just the incentive BattleDad and I needed to just do it. We booked our flights and just have to sort our accommodation out now. We’re going via Dublin to break up the outbound journey but we’re really looking forward to it. We’re hoping we enjoy it enough to want to return when BattleKid is older so he can gain memories of his own.Central park colors


  1. Oregon and Yellowstone. BattleDad and I watched the 3-part documentary “Yellowstone” a number of years ago and have wanted to visit it ever since. I’ve also wanted to visit America in autumn to see the autumn colours and, while people often visit places like Maine, Vermont and New York state, Oregon can be just as spectacular for fall colours as the Eastern states. When I found out that you could do both Yellowstone AND Oregon in one driving trip I knew it was going on my bucket list with BattleKid. We considered it for this year but decided we want to wait until BattleKid is old enough to remember it as it is probably not a trip we’d repeat like New York. Our plan, should we ever do it, is to fly into Yellowstone and drive from there to Portland over about 10 days, taking in a few of the national parks (particularly Lolo National Park, for obvious reasons) before flying back to either Chicago or New York for a day or two to break up the return journey. It’ll be an epic trip if we manage to do it.Abiqua Reflection
  1. Tromso, Norway. BattleDad and I visited Tromso in Norway in 2012 with the sole purpose of seeing the Northern Lights. We had seen a 5 second glance of them in Iceland in 2009 on a long weekend in Reykjavik with friends but I longed for more. So in 2012 we went further north, 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle to be precise to give ourselves the best chance. It was a cold but not unbearable November and on our second night of Northern Lights hunting we saw them for hours and got some amazing photos. This is one place I’m definitely taking BattleKid as soon as he’s old enough to both enjoy and remember it. We’ll do it during a half term and include things like visit reindeer, see the Sami’s, go snowmobiling and maybe even visit an ice hotel. There will be late nights too for hunting the Northern Lights. And while I know it’s going to be an expensive trip (Norway isn’t cheap) I am saving now and know it’ll be so worth it.Northern lights in Tromso
  1. Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan. This is most definitely a bucket list trip, one that’s been on mine for a while, and one I’d love to do but am unsure if it will be achievable. The Tiger’s Nest, or Para Taktsang, is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated on the side of a cliff in Bhutan. You have to trek a steep climb to visit the monastery some 3000 feet above the Paro Valley. Also involved are 1000 steps and it can take between 4 and 8 hours to do the complete trip. To do this I think we as a family will need to be used to climbing the likes of Pen-y-Fan! I’d love to visit it though and as a family. Again it is a trip we’ll need to save for but also train for!Taktsang Monastery  \
  1. Last but not least is the country I was born in. I left Botswana before I was 2 years old and it’s my life long dream to return as I have no memories of it. I want to see Orapa, the town where I was born and would love to combine that with a trip to the Okavango Delta to see if we can spot Africa’s Big Five. A safari in Botswana would be amazing to do as a family. One day!DSC_0081

Although they didn’t make it into my top five I’d also like to visit parts of China and return to Iceland (particularly the Blue Lagoon) with BattleKid. There’s a great big world out there and I really hope to discover more of it with BattleKid and share the experience of new places, people and cultures with him.

Where would you like to visit with your children?

Thanks for reading.

Cath x

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6 thoughts on “5 Places I’d like to visit with BattleKid

  1. Such great places! We’ve been to New York a couple of times with the kids and have always loved it – although the Summer heat and humidity were a struggle for us all last year. We’re used to the mild weather here in San Francisco. London and Tokyo are both at the top of my list to take my kids. My husband and I haven’t been to London in almost 20 years (eek!) and we’ve never been to Japan before.

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