August Bank Holiday Weekend 2016 – Chester

This August Bank Holiday weekend we decided to cash in our once-a-year visit to Chester Zoo via our Bristol Zoo passes. With that in mind we hastily booked accommodation near Chester via AirBnB and planned our itinerary. I wanted to visit the zoo one of the days over the weekend but I thought as we were going to be up there we might as well visit the Blue Planet Aquarium as we weren’t sure when we’d next get up to Chester. Also, as it was on our way we thought we would stop by the Small Breeds Farm Park and Owl Sanctuary in Kington now that BattleKid is older as he might interact more with the animals. Lastly, we also decided to cram in a dragon hunting visit to Powys Castle, a castle we’d never visited before but one which was on our list. So stay tuned over the next few days for our Chester Holiday Diaries to see what we visited on each day and how we got on.

Cath x

chester weekend

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