Baby Born Interactive Doll Review – Boys CAN play with Dolls

I was recently contacted to see if we’d like to receive a Baby Born Interactive Doll to review and I immediately said yes. You might think I was a bit crazy, having a boy, but I was very curious to see what BattleKid would do with a doll. In my mind, why can’t boys play with dolls! I am among many parents who are getting sick of stereotypes when it comes to our children and wanted to show that boys can play with dolls.

My reasoning behind this was twofold. Firstly, we need to break the stereotypical views of what girls and boys can play with. Secondly, when BattleKid was going into nursery for 7am, he and one of his female toddler friends would make a beeline for the dolls and prams and would spend time walking around nursery playing with them before the other children arrived. So I know he has played with them in nursery, I wanted to see what he would do with one at home.

Our Baby Born Interactive Boy Doll arrived a few weeks ago and once I’d taken my pictures of the doll, as you do as a blogger, we gave it to BattleKid as a surprise. He was immediately pawing at the box saying “mama, you open it”. We duly obliged and watched in anticipation of his reaction.

Once Baby, as he was named, was out of the box BattleKid started off by checking his dummy and saying “there you go”. He next moved onto feeding his Baby his bottle and it was very sweet watching him being so gentle with his Baby Born Interactive Doll.

Once Baby was finished with his bottle BattleKid asked him if he wanted some food and feed him pretend food.

Of course, silly mama forgot to put the nappy on Baby so we did that quickly to prevent any spills. BattleKid has since found it hilarious that Baby wees and poops!

Suitably fuelled up, Baby was then taken on a ride on BattleKid’s ‘motorbike’ after which time I think Baby was quite tired and BattleKid gave him a bit of a rest.

We’ve since dressed Baby in one of BattleKid’s babygro’s and let him sleep under one of his soft blankets. Baby now goes to bed with BattleKid and shares his bed every night. BattleKid has also been feeding him regularly and sitting him on his potty saying “you do a wee-wee”, most likely linked to the fact he himself is just finished potty training. One area we’ve come a cropper is when BattleKid asked where Baby’s pram was! We’ll see if he continues to play with Baby and if so we might need to get one!

I have to admit that both BattleDad and I have had pangs of guilt watching BattleKid with his Baby. Guilt that he’s an only child, and it has been so sweet watching him being so gentle and kind with his Baby Born Interactive Doll. However, they’ve only been fleeting, before anyone says we need to have another child! I’ve written about my reluctance to have another child on the blog and those feelings haven’t changed.

I’m quite impressed with how far dolls have come since I was a girl and I’m also delighted to see BattleKid enjoying his Baby. We received the Baby Born Interactive Boy Doll and he comes with nine lifelike functions and no less than eleven accessories. Baby Born cries real tears, although we haven’t tested this function out at the time of writing this review. Baby Born also opens and closes its eyes and I’m sorry to say has had those poor eyes poked a few times by BattleKid! Baby born eats and drinks and also does controlled wees and poops. Baby Born is fully movable and is waterproof too so can enjoy a bath with your little one if they want.

Baby Born Interactive Dolls come with a birth certificate and friendship bracelets although I removed these. Baby Born also comes with a dummy and dummy clip, a bottle which you can fill, a nappy, some food and a plate and spoon and also a potty, which BattleKid has been sitting Baby on regularly, although he has been forgetting to remove his nappy first!

There are lots of accessories and other fun items you can get for Baby Born too which we may look into depending on how much BattleKid plays with his baby.

What I love about the Baby Born Interactive Doll:

  • Lifelike features are brilliant.
  • The accessories it comes with act as a great starter pack.
  • Great way to let imaginative play come into force, as we’ve observed with BattleKid.
  • An interesting and lovely way to see BattleKid’s softer side come out.
  • Huge range of accessories, clothes and toys available to go with your Baby Born Doll.

What I didn’t like about the Baby Born Interactive Doll:

  • It took me a while to figure out what the valve on the back was for!

Overall, both BattleDad and I were suitably impressed with the Baby Born Interactive Doll. The various features are brilliant and the accessories have gone down a storm with BattleKid, particularly the dummy, bottle and potty. We’ve even dressed Baby in one of BattleKid’s old babygros and had him sleeping under one of his baby blankets. Baby also goes to bed with BattleKid most nights.

It’s been lovely watching BattleKid play with Baby and we’ve been surprised at how gentle he has been. And as mentioned we’ve had a few pangs of guilt.

I’d like to think that we’ve shown that boys CAN play with dolls and enjoy it and gender should never stop a child playing with certain toys. We’re still considering a pram for Baby but with an impending move it might have to wait until after that.

Baby Born Interactive Dolls from Zapf Creations have an RRP of £49.99 and are available from most good toys stores including Argos, Smyth’s Toys and Amazon. There is also a large range of accessories, clothing and toys to accompany Baby Born Dolls, including prams and you can chose form both girl and boy dolls.

It’s also been great hearing about my follower’s sons who play with dolls and I’m glad we are making inroads to breaking the stereotypes and getting away from gender specific toys!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a Boy Baby Born Interactive Doll for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

**This review contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. You can read more about this in the disclosure section of my Work With Me page.

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22 thoughts on “Baby Born Interactive Doll Review – Boys CAN play with Dolls

  1. oh bless. I’d do the same for my boy too. I think it brings out their sweet nature and this indeed is proof. Don’t feel guilty he’s the only child. Your review made me smile, thank you.

  2. I have a son who is an only child, too! I’d have no issue with him having a doll. I think it’s important he plays with a range of toys. This doll sounds so life like. It’s fab!


  3. As a pre-school teacher I can tell you boys play with dolls. Their parents may not know but they do when they are given free choice of playthings in a school/daycare setting. And why not let them play with dolls? Men are afraid of hurting newborn babies by picking holding them the “wrong way” or are unsure of their fatherly skliis. Why not let them get an early hands on experience pretending to take care of a baby doll. Would you stop your daughter from playing with a hammer or screwdriver because it might bring out her manly side? In this day and age men need to take a major part in childrearing and women need to have basic carpentery skills – they go away to college or move out of the family home. Both sexes need some knowledge of the other’s traditional role in the family. Afterall, girls are made to take shop class and boys are made to hake what in my day was called home ec. Boys playing with dolls can only help him show emotions which was frowned on for ages.

    1. Thanks for your great comment Mary. We are definitely trying to ensure as parents we bring BattleKid up to embrace all of his emotions and to enjoy life in whatever way makes him happy. And right now it’s a doll. If he decided he wanted a princess dress for playing dress-up in, I would buy it for him. Why not. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  4. I think it’s really important to avoid the stereotype of giving girls dolls and boys cars, but to provide them chances to play without prejudice. It seems successful for your family, lovely to read that.

  5. Haha it took us a long time to work out what that valve was for too. He looks like he loves it. We need a boy doll. We have 2 of the baby born girl dolls so a boy would be a lovely addition x

  6. Love how your little one is so gentle and caring towards his new doll. I don’t see any reason why a boy can’t play with a doll. I have always taken no notice of the ‘stereotype’ toys with my two boys. If they like it then they play with it, whether it’s bright pink or blue! x

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