BattleMum is rebranding to…… Passports and Adventures

So, big changes are afoot again on the blog. BattleMum is changing and in a big way. From next week, if things go smoothly, this blog is getting a complete change of identity as I am rebranding. I am changing my domain (that’s the blog website address) and hence name to…….

Passports and Adventures.

BattleMum ReBrand


But why you might ask? Well, as you know, I took the decision last year to move away from writing in the parenting niche and instead turned my focus to writing about family travel. Writing about parenting topics no longer filled me with joy. It became a chore and I really didn’t want to be writing about our sons’ development and sharing it for the world to see and read. It no longer felt right.


BattleMum Original Logo
BattleMum Original Logo


I also felt that I didn’t have anything new or unique to add to the world of parenting blogs. There are some brilliant parenting blogs out there which are great resources for other parents, but I just didn’t fit with them anymore. So, I decided to change focus.

Travelling is something we’ve come to love as a family. From initial bumpy roads we’ve become more adventurous and have had some amazing travel stories to share. Plus, our focus for our travels are to enjoy them as a family. We always look for things both us adults and our son can enjoy together. And writing about our family travels is the thing that inspires me most. My fingers get typing and the words start flowing and before I know it, the post is written. Granted there are times when my mojo is waning, but I soon get back to it.


Rebrand BattleMum header blog
BattleMum Travel Logo


The blog is also our way of trying to inspire families with young children to travel with their kids while they are still young. We want to share our travels with others to show that travelling with kids can be both enjoyable and fun, that you don’t need to put off travelling with your kids until they are older. I’ve even had one reader tell me she took a leap of faith and booked a trip to London with her kids after reading my post about things to do in London with a toddler. If hers is the only family I inspire, then I’ve achieved my goal. But I’ve a lot more to share.

And so, I will be doing so under a new name; Passports and Adventures. While I loved the name BattleMum while I was still writing within the parenting niche, it doesn’t really reflect the direction the blog took within the last year. I felt I needed something that said “Travel” as soon as you read it. And believe me, it took a while to land on the new name!

My husband and I, who will herein be referred to as Mr Passports, went through name after name, until we landed on the new one. I asked some of my followers on Instagram what they thought, and they came back with an 83% for YES. So, I made the decision and promptly changed my names across social media (except YouTube as they don’t seem to allow it as easily as the others). There was no going back.


Passports And Adventures Blog Header
Introducing Passports and Adventures


And next week is D-Day, as in Domain Day. On the day of the change, my blog will not be available and please keep your fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. It’s a huge step and one I’ve been deliberating over for months and months and now that it’s finally here, I have to admit I’m scared as hell. Knowing someone is going to be responsible for whether my blog makes it or breaks it, and it’s all out of my hands, is frightening me.

All that is changing is the web address and blog name. Everything else will be staying as it is. The same great content you’ve enjoyed reading will remain and my posts going forward will take the same format they always have. So, in reality, you won’t notice any changes. That said, if you find anything is broken or saying, “Page not found”, please flag it with me so we can get our hosting people to look into it. You’ll still see reference to “BattleKid” and “BattleDad” in previous posts, I won’t be changing those, but going forward they will be referred to as Mr Passports as mentioned and Alex (our sons name).

All that’s left to say is I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading my posts under the new name and thank you so much for all your comments, shares and support while I was BattleMum. I hope it continues when I become Passports and Adventures next week.

Cath x

BattleMum Rebrand


BattleMum Rebrand

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33 thoughts on “BattleMum is rebranding to…… Passports and Adventures”

  1. Love the new name! I definitely think it makes sense too as whenever I think of your blog the first thing that comes to mind is travel. Really hope the change goes smoothly and your rebranding is a success!xx

  2. I love your new blog name! It really suits your blog and love your header too! It’s really great. Good luck with the rebrand – hope it goes really well x

  3. I love the new blog name and think it is perfect for you. I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to share too much of your child online, I never felt comfortable sharing parenting posts or updates, I tend to stick to days out and places to eat with the odd review these days x

  4. How exciting. I would love to travel more with our kids but my OH’s job doesn’t really allow for much time off. Good luck with your future adventures x


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