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Be in the Picture is a new linky and Instagram community that has been started by the lovely Kerry of Kerry Louise Norris and Alana of Baby Holiday in which they are encouraging us to feature in our pictures more. I, like most bloggers, am the one most often behind the camera and do regret, like Kerry and Alana say in their posts, that I don’t feature more in the pictures from our days out. I always get lots of lovely pictures of BattleKid and ones with him and BattleDad but never many of myself.

Well, with encouragement from them, I’m going to do something about it. On family days out I’m going to hand my camera over to BattleDad in the hope I can feature more and on days, like last Saturday, when I am on my own with BattleKid, I’m going to try use whatever I can to get myself in front of the camera. I can’t promise I will join in every month but with it only being once a month, I’ll certainly do my best to find at least one picture.

My first picture for this series is a picture I took of myself and BattleKid sharing a flapjack and a lovely Welsh cawl after our visit to Carreg Cennan Castle. We decided to warm up in the tea room before we headed for home and found a lovely quiet spot in a corner in front of a mirror. I took a few pictures of BattleKid and I in the mirror and this is the best of the lot. A perfect start to my participation in this new series and community.

be in the picture

Why not come and join in. Use the #BeinthePicture hashtag on Instagram or add your post to their link.

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7 thoughts on “Be In The Picture 1

  1. It’s such a great idea isn’t it?
    I’m terrible for making sure I’m in photos, we took zero family photos in bluestone!!
    Love yours from your castle adventures, better squeeze in as many as you can before there’s no more castles 😉

    1. You’re absolutely right, although I’m going to make it my mission to continue to seek out castles with BattleKid xx that said I’ve two different castle visits planned for the coming 2 weekends 😂😂

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