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Well, May has been and gone and boy oh boy was it busy. It started with our last weekend in Wales, during which time BattleKid got to bring the class bear home with him. He was the first one as nursery didn’t want him to miss out before he left. So, as you do, we took him dragon hunting in Abergavenny Castle. After we’d found the dragon we showed him how to roly poly down a hill and also how to blow Jinny Joes (dandelions). BattleKid loved him and nearly didn’t want to bring him back!

Be in the Picture 5 Be in the Picture 5

Then came the biggest change to our family as we set off for our new life in the sun. This entailed a 3 hour trip to Portsmouth, a 24 hour ferry trip to Santander, and a 13 hour car journey after an overnight in a gorgeous hotel, which I’ll be reviewing very soon. We just about made it, as those of you who follow me on Instagram will know. Car trouble!

Be in the Picture 5
On board the Pont Aven Brittany Ferries ship

Since then we’ve been staying with my parents while we waited until our new place was finished off, ready for us to move in. While BattleDad has been in Paris with work, BattleKid and I went into Tavira with my parents and also visited Ayamonte, Spain with them.

Be in the Picture 5
Sunny selfie in Tavira

Once BattleDad was home (in between trips) we all visited Vila Real de Santo Antonio which is a gorgeous town on the river border with Spain.

Be in the Picture 5
Checking out the fish in the marina at Vila Real de Santo Antonio

I also had to admit something very silly since we’ve been here.

I’m gonna stick my neck out and admit something quite dumb. The Land Rover was recovered on Saturday with yet another red engine warning light and as a result we had to go to Faro Airport to pick up a hire car (thank god for Land Rover Extended Warranty and Assistance). We get there and I start panicking about having to drive a manual because I believed everything was opposite to the UK, gear stick, clutch, accelerator, the lot. I mention this to Battledad who peed himself laughing at me! Lo and behold I was panicking for nothing as the clutch and accelerator use the same feet as the UK, only the gear stick is on your opposite side. Cue more laughing from Battledad as I breath a sigh of relief. Turns out my mum had been wondering the same when we regaled the story to my folks…….

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Aside from that we’ve been relaxing and enjoying ourselves on my parents decking. We can’t wait to go exploring even more this month!Be in the Picture 5

Be in the Picture was created by Kerry of Kerry Louise Norris and Alana of Baby HolidayΒ in which they encouraged us to get in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. I’m guilty of this and by joining in with Be in the Picture, it ensures BattleKid will have pictures of me as well of himself when he grows up.

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40 thoughts on “Be In The Picture 5

    1. Until Kerry and Alana started this I too was guilty of always being behind the camera. Now I do make an effort to get in front of it. And yes, I’ve been known to join the boy in roly-polying xx

  1. So lovely to see you in all the pics and I’ve been loving your castle and dragon pics on instagram. I reeeeally want to go now πŸ™‚ Hope you’re settling in ok!

  2. Love this game roly Poly down a hill is so much fun! I wish I was a kid and I would do it all the time! What a fabulous idea for a blog post to have you in the pics! So true that we tend to forget ourselves sometimes!

  3. haha so cute! We have a class Giraffe that ended up coming home with us! it’s such a great idea to remember to be in the photos! I hardly have any photos with my parents growing up

  4. Ah the class bear – one week both my daughters came home with their class bears, they had so much fun taking them on adventures together. I should really make more effort to get in front of the camera – my kids do like to take selfies with me but they usually aren’t very flattering!

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