Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary

Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary

In this instalment of my Best and Worst Holidays Series we hear about a lucky win from Katie of Mummys Diary, a holiday which turned out to be awesome.

Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary


Last year I had a lucky streak! I had entered a number of competitions and won some small prizes, I was over the moon! Now I rarely check my junk folder but this one day I decided to have a look, and thank goodness I did!

I found an email from a major coach company informing me that I had won the competition they had hosted a few months back. I vaguely remembered it but when I read the email I was in shock. Was this real? The email said congratulations you have won a pair of tickets and travel expenses paid to Sziget Festival. Ooh great I thought that’ll be a nice day out. I continued reading… the festival is held every year, in Budapest! If I read it once I must have read it a hundred times!

I was in work at the time that I found the email, and I was so excited I shouted out to all in the office that I had won! But I hadn’t replied! In my excitement I had phoned my husband and family and friends instead! I emailed them back straight away to confirm yes we would obviously accept the prize!

Finally it was confirmed we had definitely won. We were so excited the festival was on over 7 days! Could we leave the children for that length of time, would they understand that we hadn’t abandoned them? Luckily for us their grandparents are amazing and were more than happy to have them stay with them while we went. My husband and I have never had a holiday abroad together so we were very excited.

The day arrived when we were all packed and ready to leave. The prize didn’t include accommodation, but we could camp on the island that the festival was taking place on. We had a long discussion and decided that we would instead book a hotel. We realised we may never get the chance to visit Budapest again so we wanted to make the most of the time we had there and do some sightseeing along the way.

The journey over was by coach, I think it was around 25 hours travelling. It wasn’t so bad going over though as we stopped in different countries along the way which was amazing. When we arrived we headed straight to the hotel to unload our bags, we then took a walk down to the Danube river to stretch our achy legs and then retired to bed.

We had done a lot of research before we left and knew exactly what we wanted to do and see.

The main attractions we visited were;

Fisherman’s Bastion. This is a viewing area set in a gothic Romanesque terraced area with fairy tale towers. It offers amazing panoramic views over Budapest and was well worth getting lost to find it! We even decided to treat ourselves to a fancy, if not a bit expensive, dinner overlooking the river, it was so relaxed and the food was great.


Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary
Fisherman’s Bastion

Hospital In The Rock is not really to my cup of tea, but my husband enjoys these things. It is a nuclear bunker museum with life like figures showing what it was like when it was open.

The funiculars are a great way to travel upwards instead of walking up the steep hills. These were fun to ride and also offer great views of the chain bridge.


Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary
Enjoying the views after a funicular ride

Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Danube river. It was the first bridge built that connected both sides Buda and Pest.


Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary
Parliament Building, Budapest

The festival itself was indeed a sight to see, there were so many unusual activities going on including a game show style dodgem course, as well as dancing and amazing food stalls. We danced the night away to Iggy Azalea and felt just like we were kids again. It was so freeing to feel free, just a couple of days away from reality to enjoy life again and to re-connect with one another, which as busy working parents is so important. It was definitely my best holiday. Budapest is such an amazing place to visit and I hope we do end up going back one day.


Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary
The festival bar

Wow, what a holiday. My hubby and I haven’t had even a night to ourselves since our son came along, so a whole week’s holiday sounds utterly heavenly. And we’d love to visit Budapest. Thanks so much to Katie for sharing her story (and lucky win) with us.

Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary

Katie is a parenting and lifestyle blogger based in Cardiff. She blogs at Mummy’s Diary and can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

And if you would like to feature in my Best and Worst Holidays series on the blog, please send me an email at

Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary

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6 thoughts on “Best and Worst Holidays ft Mummys Diary”

  1. Oh my gosh what an amazing price, and to be able to head off child free (sorry to my children I really do love you, but some grown up time would be lovely!!) must have been fantastic. I have to say though if that dropped into my inbox I’d probably miss out thinking it was spam!!

  2. Oh I am jealous of this holiday! I never enter holiday comps because I think that I have no chance of winning, but reading this review makes me want to enter all of the holiday comps! How amazing to be child free and able to explore Budapest and go to the festival. Sounds like a fantastic experience.

  3. Amazing! Congratulations on winning, you have inspired me to check my junk folder more often. 😉 My other half has been to Budapest before, but I’ve not been there myself. It sounds like you had a great time and the coach trip wasn’t too bad.


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