BIC® KIDS Young Artist Awards

The summer holidays are in full swing, with BattleKid now off until the 17th of September. The Portuguese holidays are different to those back in the UK and Ireland, with mainstream schools finishing school the second last week of June. Preschool continued until last week and now everyone is off until mid-September.

BIC KIDS Young Artist Awards

That means only one thing. Mums needing lots of ideas to keep the kids entertained. Apart from last summer after we emigrated, I haven’t had BattleKid with me for this length of time. I’ve been looking on Pinterest for ideas for crafting, he’s already enjoyed lots of free play which is great for his imagination and creativity, and we’ve been in the pool almost everyday.

I’ve also gotten him some wipe-clean books to practise his writing and pen control during the summer, something his preschool teacher recommended before he broke up for the holidays. But one thing he really enjoys is drawing and colouring. Although he is only 4, he really enjoys it and takes his time choosing what colours to use for different areas of his drawing. He’s no Picasso yet but in the words of the man himself

Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.

I do hope BattleKid continues to enjoy drawing and colouring as it was something I always enjoyed.

And did you know that BIC® KIDS are currently running their second Young Artist Awards, a competition which gives budding artists the chance to enter their artwork and win nationwide recognition for their work. Proud parents across Ireland and the UK can take their children’s masterpieces off the fridge door and enter it into a competition which will see 13 finalists have their work displayed on billboards in their home regions. And that includes Ireland.

The BIC® KIDS Young Artist Awards are open to all 5-11 year old kids. Entrants are encouraged to get as creative as possible and draw whatever their creative minds conjure up. Points will be awarded from judges for things like creativity, use of colour, composition and subject matter. Ok, kids might not understand any of these terms but it doesn’t matter. Let the drawing begin.


BIC KIDS Young Artist Awards
14.09.17 – Newport, UK.
Ayesha Taniya (10) with her drawing which has been displayed on a billboard in Newport after entering a competition with BIC Kids Young Artists.
Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages


In partnership with Mumsnet, the BIC® KIDS Young Artist awards is celebrating the creativity of children from across the UK and Ireland. Entries are open until Sunday 5th August, so you’d better hurry.

To enter your children’s masterpieces, simply visit and upload their artwork before the deadline on Sunday 5th August. An expert judging panel made up of creatives from the marketing, publishing and illustration industries will select the regional finalists, whose work will be displayed on regional billboards from late August. A public vote will then decide the ultimate winner, whose drawing will go nationwide in late September.

Rebecca Huda, BIC® UK and Ireland’s Product Manager – Stationery, said

We’re delighted to be returning with our BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award for 2018. Last year’s competition was a great success and we were overwhelmed by the quality of the artwork we received. We can’t wait for this year’s imaginative entries to start pouring in ready to be displayed across the country, there’ll be some proud parents for sure.

As well as the priceless opportunity to have their drawings published, the 13 deserving finalists will win a hamper full of BIC® KIDS goodies. Specifically designed to help children to hone their artistic talent, these hampers will include an array of exciting stationery products including the BIC® Kids Evolution®Ecolutions® colouring pencils, Kid Couleur felt pens and Plastidecor® crayons, to name just a few. Everything a young artist needs to continue to enjoy being creative. And something every Mum will be grateful for!


BIC KIDS Young Artist Awards
20.09.17 – Ramsgate, UK.
Eliana Goodall (10) whose drawing of a dragon is currently being displayed on a billboard in Ramsgate after mum Caroline entered a competition with BIC Kids Young Artists.
Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages


But you’d better be quick. The deadline is just a few days away and that hamper of supplies sounds brilliant. So, get the colouring sets and paper out and get the kids creating for a quiet hour or two. You might even get the chance to enjoy a hot cuppa and a chapter in that new book you bought. Or check if there is a masterpiece already on your fridge door that deserves some recognition for its creativity and artistry.

Cath x

*We were kindly sent some BIC® KIDS goodies in exchange for sharing this with you.

BIC KIDS Young Artist Awards

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