Pneumonia risk after Chicken Pox!

Pneumonia Risk After Chicken Pox - I did not know this was possible until it happened to us!

I learned something new after our son had chicken pox. It was something that I’d never heard of. Did you know there is a risk of pneumonia after chicken pox, particularly in children and young adults. You can imagine my surprise when the doctor told me this. Read our story below about finding out about the pneumonia risk after chicken pox.

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9 Handy Tips for Mums Returning to Work

handy tips for mums returning to work

It’s the day all working mums dread. It can be filled with fear, anxiety, stress, excitement and apprehension. For working mums, it’s a day we cannot avoid. It is a day that can come any time from 6 weeks to 12 months after the birth of our children. The day in question is the day that marks the end of maternity leave and the day you return to work. Today I’d like to share with you my 9 handy tips for mums returning to work.

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