Bluestone Day 4: 22/06/2015

BattleKid woke somewhere before 7am after another awfully disturbed night. I got his bottle ready at 7.30am and he took most of it and more importantly kept it down. I packed our clothes up and once BattleKid was done we moved upstairs so I could get breakfast on for everyone.

BattleKid hardly ate a morsel. He was off his food. I just hoped it was nothing more than him getting over his chest infection. He was still on his antibiotics with a few doses left.

Once breakfast was done we set about cleaning up and packing our stuff up as checkout is early at 10am at Bluestone. I had thought that was a bit early until I saw the number of lodges the cleaners have to deal with. It’s understandable why checkout is 10am and check in is 4.30pm.

Morning Dew.
Morning Dew.

Once we had cleaned and packed everything into the cars, we said our goodbyes and all headed for the hills. We all had a lovely, really relaxing weekend despite BattleKid not being too well. So much so that we’re planning our next visit already in October!

2015-06-22 10.11.48


Things to bear on mind if visiting Bluestone, particularly with friends and infants:

  • If sharing a two-bed with another couple in a Ramsay with infants, be aware that both rooms are en-suite so to use the bathroom you’ll need to tip toe in the night so as not to disturb your sleeping little ones!
  • Bring your own mugs if you like large mugs of tea or coffee like us.
  • Bring extra black bags. You are provided with a spare but we actually found it wasn’t enough.
  • I’m planning on bringing my own pillow next time as I didn’t find their pillows very comfortable.
  • You are provided with a small washing up liquid but if you’re eating on or washing bottles bring your own as you might need more.
  • Bring hand soap for the bathrooms as none is provided.
  • Kitchen towel isn’t provided and always comes in handy.
  • Pack for good AND bad weather and bring walking shoes. In my hasty packing I didn’t bring walking shoes and not enough layers and tops. I’ll be packing earlier next time.
  • If sharing with another couple and you’ve two infants, it might be best to bring your travel cot. There was only one in the lodge, and only one high chair. Thankfully S had brought her own travel cot but we asked for another high chair which was brought down quite quickly. You may be able to request another travel cot but we didn’t check.
  • Book a buggy in advance if you can and also meals if you want to eat out.

Other than that I would highly recommend Bluestone in West Wales for a break, especially a weekend one at first. There’s plenty to see and do, as well as the rest of West Wales being on your door step. We had great plans to go to Tenby and other beaches but never left the Bluestone resort itself. That should tell you everything you need to know! I can see Bluestone becoming a firm favourite of ours for a break away as a family or with friends, especially as it’s not too far from where we live. Bluestone gets a big thumbs up from us!

Next month we are off to Slovenia with our other friends G and T (no pun intended) and their teenagers L and T. We’re looking forward to it and hopefully the plane journey will be a little less painful than the one to Lanzarote as it’s only 2 hours long. Wish us bon voyage!

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