Chester Day 2: 27/08/2016

After a very bad night’s sleep with BattleKid we woke before 7am. I got pancakes, bacon and strawberries prepared for breakfast while the boys watched CBeebies. BattleKid has never watched anything on CBeebies so that was a treat for him and kept him quiet and happy until breakfast was ready.

After breakfast BattleDad and I watched the news over a cup of tea, a rarity these days before we got ourselves dressed and ready to hit the zoo. We left our accommodation at 9.20am and it took us less than 15 minutes to drive to Chester Zoo. There were lots of cars there already but we were lucky and found a space right beside the entrance which was handy.

We checked with the staff at the entrance as to how we used our Bristol Zoo passes and we went straight through the entrance, without needing to get any tickets or queue which was great. We decided to head left and start by the elephants and had to wait by their enclosure for the zoo gates to actually open at 10am, the official opening time of the zoo. Unfortunately we didn’t see the elephants as they weren’t out then.

From the entrance we headed to the left of the zoo to see the butterflies. Their house was very like that of the one at Bristol Zoo but with more vegetation and so more butterflies. BattleKid enjoyed it and loved seeing them flying around.Chester Day 2

We visited the jaguar enclosure, the Realm of the Red Ape, the penguins, flamingos and otters before going into the aquarium and passing by the aviary where we were very surprised at the size of the vultures in there. I’ve never seen flying birds as big as these ones.Chester Day 2

We decided to have a pit stop at 11.30 and had tea and cake before going to see the lions. However, their enclosure was being cleaned by their keeper so we only got to see the Daddy lion through the window of his indoor enclosure.

We headed over the wooden walkway on our way to the new section of Chester Zoo and during our walk BattleDad and I spotted the cheetah and some deer, albeit in separate enclosures.

The new section of Chester Zoo is a series of Islands based around areas of Indonesia. This new area is amazing and filled with all sorts of animals including Sumtran tigers which BattleKid loved. I plan to do a more in-depth review of Chester Zoo at some stage but for now I can highly recommend you make time to visit the Islands of Chester Zoo if you ever go.Chester Day 2

Chester Day 2

Chester Day 2

Chester Day 2

We moved on to see the painted dogs, black rhino, monkeys and a few more animals before we decided to get a late lunch back where we had tea and cake earlier. We also got a lovely momento of the day for BattleKid before enjoying fish and chips. Just before we finished our meal the heavens opened which was great timing for us as we were getting ready to head back to the car. We saw the elephants on our way to the gift shop where we picked up a few bits. All in all, we had a great day at Chester Zoo and will definitely be going again in the future. It was well worth the trek up from South Wales.Chester Day 2

Chester Day 2

We left the zoo and headed to a Tesco near our accommodation for some supplies. BattleKid had fallen asleep as soon as we left the zoo but it was only a short nap. We got back at 5pm and BattleKid had a snack while he and BattleDad watched the end of a film together while I pottered around.

BattleKid was into bed by 7pm and asleep soon after. It had been a busy day for all of us. BattleDad and I enjoyed a tapas supper with a cuppa and X-Factor which was starting on TV that night. With it returning to its original format and with judges we enjoy, we rather enjoyed this bit of Saturday night TV before going to bed early ourselves.

Unfortunately it was another disturbed night, the first half being as a result of the wedding music. Even with my earplugs in I could still hear the music. I have no idea why the second half was a bad as it was with BattleKid as the music had stopped when he started waking again. The next day’s agenda was the aquarium and I desperately needed sleep but didn’t get it.

Stop by tomorrow for the low-down on the aquarium.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

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