Christmas Eve Box 2016

christmas-eve-box-2016I’ve written about BattleKid’s Christmas Eve Box before and what it has contained. This year I am updating it but things will be a little different in the BattleHousehold. The reason is we won’t be at home for Christmas this year. We are off for some winter sun and will only be home for New Year’s Eve. So we have decided to hold Christmas Eve on New Year’s Eve when we are back.

We are sure Father Christmas will stop by the Canaries and bring one or two presents for BattleKid. We just hope he will make an allowance and visit the night we get back or even send one of the Elves with the rest of BattleKid’s presents, as we won’t have the baggage allowance for everything if there is anything big!

So BattleKid’s Christmas Eve Box will be brought out when we are home and used the day before his other presents are delivered by Father Christmas or one of the Elves. If you haven’t come across them before, a Christmas Eve Box is something that you bring out on Christmas Eve to keep your little ones entertained and occupied while waiting for bedtime, when hopefully the big man will visit!

I bought BattleKid’s Christmas Eve Box on Etsy, but the shop I bought it from is no longer trading on Etsy. That said there are numerous other sellers doing really nice personalised Christmas Eve Boxes on Etsy and other retailers are also selling Christmas Eve Boxes as their popularity eve boxchristmas eve box

So what is inside this year’s Christmas Eve Box? Well, no Christmas Eve Box would be complete without a new set of festive pyjamas. This year I have a 4-piece set for BattleKid which I got from Matalan priced at £12. It has a set of pyjamas, a dressing gown and an elf cuddly toy too. I also got him a set of festive socks from Matalan for £ eve box

Also inside his box is our Christmas Past and Present journal from the team behind From You to Me. I have to fill in last year’s details but it is a lovely way to remember Christmases gone by in years to come. It is available from the You to Me website and also from eve box

Another yearly staple, until he decides otherwise, is the Muppets Christmas Carol DVD. Yes, I know it’s most likely to be on TV over Christmas but not necessarily Christmas Eve (or New Year’s Eve). It’s my favourite Christmas movie and until BattleKid discovers films like The Grinch, Elf or Home Alone, it’s here to stay.

Each year BattleDad and I buy BattleKid some Christmas decorations for the tree. Some are personalised, some not and we let him put them on the tree on Christmas Eve. I’ve bought him a personalised one from notonthehighstreet and a Jungle Book one from the Disney shop as he is obsessed with that eve box

Also with these is his Newbridge Silver Christmas decoration from his Nana. She has bought him one every year and this is last years present to put on the tree. I’ve also picked BattleKid up a Christmas-themed beaker from Matalan which will be put to good use watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. christmas eve box

And last, but by no means, least is the special key for Father Christmas. As we don’t have a chimney he needs this to get into our house when he visits. So BattleKid will leave this outside for him before he goes to bed.

I’m not including anything else this year as I’m sure we’ll be watching a film or two on our ‘Christmas Eve’, tucked under the blanket with some popcorn and maybe some hot chocolate. So things like colouring books and storybooks may just be wasted but they are safe and sound in the attic for years to come.

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box for your children?

Cath x

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