Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Travel 2018

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After giving you some ideas for the adults in the family it’s now time to share ideas for some Christmas gifts for kids who travel. As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I prefer to be prepared rather than leaving things to the last minute, especially this year as we’ll be away for over a week before Christmas. So, if you’re trying to get prepared, let me help.

Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Travel 2018

It can be hard to know what to get kids for Christmas, especially ones who might be travelling a lot, or simply have everything which can happen. In our case, we have a very limited amount of space in our current home, so smaller presents are welcomed over larger ones. And if your little one is a veteran traveller like ours, it’s often better to get them something useful rather than just another toy. So here are some ideas.

Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Travel 2018

*This post contains affiliate links. This means if you chose to click through and make a purchase, I received a very small commission at no extra cost to you.

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1 Personalised Santa Presents Sack: Magic Santa Letter, £19.95.**

If you’d like to make things even more special, how about one of the beautiful personalised Santa Presents Sacks from Magic Santa Letter. Made from 100% cotton and with ten designs to choose from, your little ones will love seeing this filled with presents from Santa. Whether you are at home, or abroad for Christmas, diving into one of these sacks with their own names on it, on Christmas Day, will make it just that little bit extra special. You could even combine it with a personal letter from Santa too! The letters start from just £5.99.

2 The Grinch DVD: Amazon, £8.99.

This DVD is an ideal stocking filler and is a classic Christmas film. That said, it doesn’t need to be confined to the shelves for the rest of the year. If you’re going away and taking a portable DVD player, or know your accommodation will have one, why not pop it into your luggage and have a movie afternoon if your little ones have had enough of sightseeing.

3 JetKids BedBox: JetKids, £139.**

The JetKids BedBox is the next generation of ride-along cabin luggage for kids which also converts their seat into a bed, making flying with children much easier. It has a cabin-approved size, has lots of storage inside for books, games and cuddly toys and provides fun in the airport while you’re waiting to board that flight. JetKids have just released three new colours to add to the range and the classic BedBox colours are currently on sale for just £109 (prices correct at the time of publishing this post in November 2018).

There is also a RideBox, which is just a kids ride-on cabin bag which costs £109. It can be converted to a BedBox at a later stage. We had the pleasure of reviewing the BedBox earlier in the year and think it’s a brilliant piece of travel kit. Just be aware that not all airlines allow the use of them on board, so it’s best to check with your airline first.

4 Winter Boy on Sled: Myriad Online, £14.99.

In keeping with a travel theme, why not get your little ones this beautiful winter boy on sled from Myriad Natural Toys and Crafts. It is a beautifully, hand-sewn toy which will stand the test of time and can be brought out every Christmas. It will fit nicely under a Christmas tree, and there is also a girl version. I think it’s a lovely seasonal toy for any little boy or girl.

5 Hand-sewn Fox Coin Purse: Ethical Kidz, £6.45.

A beautiful hand-made purse presented in a recycled gift box, this coin purse is ideal for storing you little one’s holiday money in. Our son has a little purse and when we go on holidays, we give him a small amount of spending money as does his grandparents. When we’re away, he buys anything he wants from the money in his holiday purse. This worked out brilliantly when we visited Disneyland Paris last December. It meant he was limited to what he could ask for or buy and when his money was gone, his spending was over. I think this Fox purse would be ideal for anyone thinking of doing the same with their little ones while on holiday. It’s a beautifully hand-made gift, would make a great stocking filler and is very reasonably priced.

6 Vtech KidiZoom Duo Camera: Amazon, £52.99.

My son absolutely loves his camera and always has it close to hand. He loves taking pictures on it and there are several games included on the camera which can keep him entertained for hours. There are other features such as filters, and there’s a flash for dark or night photography, although don’t expect dslr quality pictures under those conditions. This makes for an ideal gift for little travellers who love to take pictures.

7 Leapfrog EPIC Tablet: Amazon, £89.99.

We bought this tablet for our son as a gift when we emigrated to Portugal. He received it on the ferry and got to grips with it quickly (we had preloaded it with games and movies). Our son has used it ever since when travelling, particularly by plane. He knows his tablet is only for when we are travelling, and it keeps him very quiet on planes, particularly long-haul flights. I have no problem with him using it under these circumstances as it is the only time he gets access to his tablet. But with educational games and apps alongside his movies, it’s a brilliant device that was featured in last year’s Christmas gift guide for kids.

8 Trip Travel Packs: Keep Em Quiet, starting from £10.99.

The Keep Em Quiet travel packs are a genius idea. They are super fun travel bags, filled with handpicked games, toys, books and snacks to keep kids of all ages quiet while travelling by planes, trains and automobiles. The packs come in three age groups, with three different trip options to choose from: short, medium or long trip. The bags are packed according to the age and sex of your child, and also by the length of your journey. You can also elect to get supplies for one leg of a trip or for a return trip. We bought one for our trip to Barcelona in the summer and not only did it keep our son entertained on the flight (we didn’t use his tablet on that flight), it also kept him entertained in our accommodation in the evenings. I think these are great little travel packs and would be ideal for any young traveller heading off on their holidays next year.

Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Travel 2018

I hope you enjoyed my little collection of gifts ideal for the little travellers in the family. There is a variety of gifts with different uses included, some of which we own ourselves.

Cath x

Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Travel 2018

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  1. That bedbox luggage thing sounds amazing, what a great idea! This is a fab gift guide, I’ve been thinking of getting my son a camera and I really like the sound of the kidizoom xx


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