Dreaming of Our Ideal Home in the Sun

Those of you who are regulars to the blog will know that we moved to Portugal this time last year. We gave up a lovely six-bedroom house in Wales to move into a very small two-bedroom mobile home on a nice residential park. We moved for a number of reasons, most importantly to give our son a more outdoor life. And we’re now dreaming of the day we’ll get our ideal home in the sun.

Dreaming Of Our Ideal Home In The Sun

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Another reason we took a leap of faith and emigrated from the UK was to try to become mortgage-free much quicker than we could achieve in the UK. I’ll be honest and say we were caught up in the rat-race, with the big house, two cars and all the trimmings that went with that lifestyle.

But now, we are living a more frugal life with the intention to be mortgage-free within a couple of years. At least that is our goal. We are working our way towards being in a position to buy a house, hopefully next year, and as that time draws near we can’t help but start looking at property leaflets and adverts in the windows of some of the estate agents.

We have no idea what type of house we will end up buying. We aren’t averse to either a traditional Portuguese house, nor are we against buying a modern home. We do have some things on our list that will be a must for any house we look at. It must have mains electricity, water and sewerage. There are still a lot of houses with wells and septic tanks. We’d like a nice garden with enough space to install a pool, if there’s not already one there. And we need a minimum of three bedrooms, ideally four.

As for furnishings, I am already thinking about them. We brought a lot of our furniture with us from the UK and they’re safely tucked away in a storage unit not too far from us. We see the owner regularly to pay our bills and I can’t help but long for a house every time we visit our unit and see all the boxes.

However, there will still be certain things we will need to buy like sofas, outdoor furniture and possibly wardrobes. Thankfully we have an Ikea close by for some of our furniture needs.

One area I am pondering now is decorating inside. While many Portuguese houses have light walls internally, often white to remain cool during the summer months, I don’t think I want white walls throughout. And yet I’m not sure I want to paint the walls with specific colours either. One option that is high on my list is using wall murals on a feature wall to liven up certain rooms.

I’ve come across a website called Wallsauce and think they would be perfect for the job. Wallsauce create and supply wall murals worldwide, always a plus for when you’re not based in the UK. They also supply made-to-measure murals and wallpapers, some of which are available as peel and stick, meaning you can try them out and if you find it’s not quite right for the room, you can remove them.

Two rooms I have in mind already are the office/spare bedroom and BattleKid’s room. The spare bedroom (if we buy a three-bedroom house) will also double up as BattleDad’s office. In our last house we had a number of framed motorbike prints on the walls in the office, we are a biking family after all, and Wallsauce have a range of motor-bike themed murals available which would be perfect in this room. BattleDad has already picked out the one he wants!

As for BattleKid’s room, well there’s so much choice for children’s rooms, that I don’t know what I’d choose. His room in the UK was quite plain which I jazzed up with removable wall decals including Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine, some of which are in his room in our mobile now. However, a full wall mural would be awesome and I’m sure he would find one he likes. I’d rather let him choose what he wants so he has an input into his room when we buy a house. Secretly though, I do love the Lego Effect wallpaper which is so colourful and the Pirates Wallpaper Mural.

Dreaming Of Our Ideal Home In The Sun

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After that it will be a case of finding some soft furnishing and curtains for all the rooms and we would be good to go. But at the moment they are dreams as we save hard to be in a position to buy our ideal home in the sun. But a girl’s gotta have dreams, right?

Cath x

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Dreaming Of Our Ideal Home In The Sun

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18 thoughts on “Dreaming of Our Ideal Home in the Sun”

  1. Oh you are so brave doing such a move – I’m still trying to get the courage to mive interstate!

    I’m not a fan of white walls either – ended up with cream fir ages but recently chose a rather interesting blue for my bathroom!

  2. That is why we moved to France in 2000 and stayed there for 14 years of our lives. We now get to live mortgage free in the UK because of it. I can highly recommend a change of life in that sense. I hope you find the property of your dreams and I am a lover of murals.

  3. How exciting that you are moving towards getting your own house. However, love the idea of being in a mobile home – I always think they must be very cosy to live in! So great that you have time to plan everything and I agree about the white walls – it’s the same here in Sweden! I love wall murals so need to check out Wallsauce!

  4. Ooh I LOVE the pirate mural, it’s so cool! I am very jealous of your future house with a pool! I hope the saving goes well and you get your dream house really soon xxx


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