Lanzarote Day 8: 08/05/2016

Home day!

We woke after 7.30 as BattleKid had another disturbed night and went for breakfast after his milk. He ate well and when we got back we did the last final bit of packing before stripping the beds and tidying the apartment.Lanzarote Day 8 a

Our taxi pickup was at 10am so 10 minutes before we headed to reception to checkout. Again I was grateful that our transfer was a taxi and yet again had a lunatic of a driver!  We arrived at the airport within 30 minutes and made our way to join the queues for Thomson Airways. They weren’t too bad and I chose desk 13, unlucky for some. It actually wasn’t too bad and the queue moved quickly enough and before we knew it we had dropped off our bags and were making our way through security.

The staff directed us to what seemed like a kid-friendly line, while others were ushered to join general queues. We thought that was a great idea, to keep troublesome kids away from other passengers. I definitely think other airports could adopt that system! It made our passage through security really swift and hassle free. Well done Arrecife Airport!Lanzarote Day 8 b

After we had passed through security I browsed duty-free and picked up a bottle of perfume for myself and some sweets for work. I’d meant to get the perfume in one of the shops in Playa Blanca but had forgotten. We went towards the food court and picked up some bottles of water before finding seats near the windows to allow BattleKid to spot the planes. It kept him quiet until our gate was called.

However they took their time boarding us as the inbound plane had been slightly delayed. This meant an increasingly bored BattleKid who was only happy making noise with his Trunki beside where we were standing in the queue. I’m sure other passengers were getting annoyed with the noise of his wheels, as I was a too, but it meant a happy, quiet child rather than a screaming, crying demon! Suck it up people, which would you prefer?

When we finally boarded it was quick enough and we departed just before 1. We ordered some hot food which BattleDad and I enjoyed but BattleKid only picked at. He was quiet enough on the plane, watching episodes of Curious George in between the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. He started rubbing his eyes, and as he normally naps after lunch, I lay him down between BattleDad and I (amen to him having his own seat between us now) with my jumper over him acting as a blanket and he soon nodded off. Result. He hadn’t slept on a plane since before he was one so I was surprised that he had over an hour’s sleep and he woke up in great form.Lanzarote Day 8 c

We landed just after 4pm to temperatures the same as what we had left behind, much to everyone’s shock! We collected our bags, got into the car and set off for home, stopping by a garage for fresh bread and milk. It was good to get home to our own house and I even got the first wash done before the evening was done.

Lanzarote Day 8 d
Home and in new pj’s

Overall we ended up enjoying ourselves after our disaster of a start and, as with each holiday we’ve had with BattleKid, we’ve learned a few lessons to remember in the future such as requesting a quiet apartment away from the entertainment in future. I’ll also ensure that I bring a little blanket in BattleKid’s Trunki for the flight if it will help him sleep, particularly when we travel to New York later in the year.

So what’s next I hear you say? Well, in an update to the planned Holiday Diaries 2016, we are actually off to Bluestone next month with W & S. Before we went to Lanzarote I’d sent them a message saying November seemed like ages away and I wondered if we could squeeze a trip in next month. It turned out they were going (I had forgotten they were going with friends) but their friends had dropped out and they didn’t mind us tagging along. I’ll be honest I’ve felt guilty ever since, that we’ve muscled in on their family weekend away, but they’ve assured us we are not and they’d like us along. And if you’re reading, S, you can tell us to bugger off still and we won’t be offended! I promise x

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