Lanzarote Day 1: 03/05/2015

After travelling to Bristol the night before (staying in a B&B nearby), and having to repack 2 suitcases into 3 as the 2 would be over the maximum allowed per piece, we had an early start at 4am! We got up, got dressed and got BattleKid up. We made our way around the corner to the airport and had to wait 45 minutes in the check-in queue due to one check-in girl taking forever! She was on and off the phone more times than actually conversing with people to get them checked in. A gentleman relieved her at the desk for our queue and he speeded up the process. With our gate showing as “Boarding” on the monitors after we got through security, BattleDad quickly got water in WHSmith for us and we made our way to our gate. Within 5 minutes of arriving there we boarded the plane and got ready to go.

We got hot water for BattleKid’s bottle, fed him and got ready for take off. The flight was 3 hours and 55 minutes and was quite a challenge with a 16 month old, newly walking toddler! We thought he would eventually drop off for a nap but he just wouldn’t give up the ghost. It was all we could do to keep him from kicking the seat in front with his wriggling and crying above acceptable levels because he didn’t want to sit still.

On the coach and ready to go!
On the coach and ready to go!

However, the flight did take us from 6ºC and heavy rain to 24ºC and sunshine. After most of the plane had disembarked when we arrived at Arrecife, we quickly got the captain’s signature for BattleKid’s Simply for Flying flight logbook and made our way to get our bags. We found our way to a lovely air-conditioned coach and as we set off for Playa Blanca, BattleKid finally dropped off to sleep. He’s such a nosey Parker sometimes despite his eyes rolling in the back of his head with tiredness and yawning while rubbing his eyes.

After two quick drop offs we arrived at the Flamingo Beach Resort. They operate a speedy check-in and in no time we were unpacking in our room. We got changed into more appropriate and cooler clothes, and head out to get our first buffet lunch, all of us quite hungry at this stage. We then put BattleKid down for a nap. BattleDad had a snooze on the sofa while I caught a few rays on our balcony while catching up on social media and then with my Mum and Dad on the phone. I have to admit I too caught a few zzz’s in the sun. It was lovely to have a little “me” time out there.

Once BattleKid woke, much more refreshed I’ll add after a 2 hour nap, we donned our swimming togs and went for a quick swim. Although the water was chilly at first, we got used to it. However, as soon as you came out of the water, the breeze caught you and gave you a bit of a chill. We would have got a few snaps and videos in the water if our underwater camera hadn’t stopped taking a charge. So the hunt would be on the next day for a replacement!

We had a shower after our swim, went for dinner and then had a nice stroll along the seafront. BattleKid was a little later than usual going to bed but he settled straight away after his bottle and slept well. Mum and Dad weren’t far behind him at 9pm as we too were shattered.

Despite a trying flight, the start of this holiday was infinitely better than last year. Our accommodation was lovely, clean and modern, and so far, touch wood, was a good start to the holiday. Long may it last we hoped!

Day 2

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8 thoughts on “Lanzarote Day 1: 03/05/2015

  1. Aww sounds like the tough flight was worth it! Love the idea of a flight log book. Where did you get it? Look forward to reading about day 2 (and the rest!)x

    1. Hi hun. Day 2 coming tomorrow. I’m planning a review of the logbook. I’ve hand written a draft while we were away. I’ll try get it typed up with pictures soon. I’ll let you know when I have it done x

  2. Sounds like a lovely start once you were there. I can’t imagine flying with Freya. I’d need a holiday (on my own) to get over it 🙂

    1. We’ve flown with BattleKid before but he was younger and it was fine. We’ve got another flight coming up in August, but there’s 4 adults and 2 teenagers so I’m hoping it’ll be a bit easier with more of us to entertain him. Plus it’s just over 2 hours of a flight, so fingers crossed. Stay tuned to see how the rest of the holiday went 🙂
      And thanks for stopping by and commenting x

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