Lanzarote Day 10: 12/05/2015

We woke just after 8am, and after his bottle we brought BattleKid up to see the doctor. Thankfully he gave us the all-clear and the all important fit-to-fly certificate we would need. After breakfast in the restaurant, we booked a flight home that night as other flights we looked at were either to London airports or not until the Saturday or Sunday! It was a Ryanair flight so to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement.

After booking it I double checked the fit-to-fly and saw that the date on it was for the next say. OH NO!
As we all know Ryanair flights cannot be cancelled or refunded, only changed at a fee! What the hell were we going to do?! We had booked it due to crap availability of other flights home. Plus I didn’t want to have to hang around any longer than I had to. I was more than ready to go home. Plus the insurance people still hadn’t fully sorted out paying the hotel for our room.

Packing in the hope we get to flight home
Packing in the hope we get to flight home

BattleDad went to see the doctor to ask if he could change the date on the certificate so we could get home that day. He had told us BattleKid was no longer contagious so we hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. I started packing some of our clothes while BattleDad was out, leaving some in one case just in case we were further delayed. I’d had enough.

Thankfully the doctor had no problem in changing the date and kindly dropped in the revised certificate into the hotel within an hour. I finished packing us after putting BattleKid down for a nap at 11am in the hope he’d sleep well. We’d need to leave at 4pm for our 7pm flight. Thankfully he did sleep well which gave us time to get organised for our trip home.

We woke him at 1.30 so we could have lunch. Then we showered, got dressed and got our taxi to the airport. On the way there I just hoped Ryanair wouldn’t be the annoying sods we know they can be. I’ve refused to fly with them for more than 10 years because of how they’ve been treating their customers. I really hoped they would redeem themselves in my eyes.

We got to the airport with plenty of time and lined up in the check-in desk. This is where the fun started. Because we had booked last-minute with no access to a printer, we couldn’t check-in online and print our boarding cards. Cue a long rigmarole to get us checked in and issued with boarding cards. Thankfully this was the only place they checked if we had a fit-to-fly for BattleKid.

We got through security (but lost BattleDad’s kindle in the process). Having got through there with no hassles, I browsed duty-free before we had a Burger King for something to eat. It was BattleKid’s first and last I tell you!
We boarded with minimal fuss and finally we were on our way home. Despite it being bedtime, a bottle and being in his Grobag, BattleKid did not fall asleep. Our little Duracell bunny kept going until we got him into the car just before midnight!

I was so relieved to get into the car and make our way across the Severn Bridge. BattleDad and I simply transferred BattleKid into his cot when we got home and got ourselves into bed too. We were shattered but glad to be home at long last.

We had a wonderful holiday until the pox descended. The resort was great, very family orientated and definitely somewhere we’ll return to. Although we had been to Lanzarote many times before, this was our first time staying in Playa Blanca. Going in early May was ideal temperature wise and we’re already thinking of booking for next year when BattleKid will get his own seat on the plane. Hurray! It was lovely spending time together as a family but I wouldn’t recommend chicken pox at the same time as being away from home. At least it’s done and dusted I guess!

So where next? Well, we’re off to Bluestone in a few weeks time with friends. We’re really looking forward to it. I’ve read (and seen on Instagram) good things about Bluestone. Stay tuned for our next set of adventures!

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