Lanzarote Day 6: 08/05/2015

After a rough night playing tag team with BattleKid who was awake on and off from 4am, we woke just after 8am to more spots and also blisters. My worst fears were confirmed by the on-site doctor at 9am. It was chicken pox! He would be issuing us with a “not-fit-to-fly” certificate later in the day at his second clinic time slot. We got a prescription for cream and infant paracetamol, and a follow-up appointment the next Tuesday morning (this day being Friday).

The start of chicken pox!
The start of chicken pox!

This meant no returning home on Sunday and calls to work, nursery and the kennels, and also our insurance to sort out an extension at our hotel which thankfully wasn’t full, so we didn’t need to move hotels. If we got a fit-to-fly cert on the Tuesday, the insurance could sort out our flights home then. What a nightmare. In one sense I was glad he got it while he’s still young, butI would have much preferred to have been at home with him with our home comforts around us. BattleDad kept reminding me that there was worse places to be stuck and fortunately we could financially stay together as the insurance would only cover the cost of one parent staying with an ill child. I really didn’t want to have to fly home with BattleKid on my own. Besides, how the hell would I eat seeing as BattleKid was to be confined to our room for the next 5 days and cannot be left unattended in it!

BattleKid didn’t eat much lunch, and BattleDad and I tag-teamed lunch in the buffet. Afterwards, as he went down for a nap, I ventured to the mini-market to stock up on some food and nappies for BattleKid, and to get some washing powder to hand-wash some clothes. The joy of an unexpected longer holiday.

We decided just to give BattleKid a pouch for dinner with a fruit pot. I was glad I’d brought some with me in the end. After a quick dinner by myself, I had a cool bath with my poor spotty boy. He was in good form despite it all. After his bottle he seemed to settle quickly but appeared to be awake when we went to bed. It was a very unsettled night all round. Chicken pox is horrible! So far paracetamol and the lotion seemed to be doing their job, although I didn’t hold out much hope that it was going to be as easy as it had been up to this point!

Day 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Day 7

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5 thoughts on “Lanzarote Day 6: 08/05/2015

  1. Poor Battlekid and poor you and Battledad! You guys handled it so well – I’d be a wreck. I don’t deal with the unexpected well! But I’m glad it’s all over and done with now! Was he around any children that had it to catch it?X

    1. I’m not sure, I’m suspecting nursery as there’s a little boy from the baby room currently out with it. They didn’t mention anyone else being off with it when we got back so I’m not sure. And yes, thankfully it’s done and dusted now x

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