Living Arrows 12/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

On Friday it was St. Patrick’s Day and as we couldn’t go home for the event (due to astronomical prices on the flights due to the rugby), we had to make do with wearing our t-shirts on the day. BattleKid went into nursery with his, and I into work. However, our day was cut short when nursery rang BattleDad to say he had a high temperature and he was collected arrows

On Saturday morning he seemed in better form so we ventured as far as Bristol Zoo. After a visit to the lions he decided he wanted to go on a red bus on the merry-go-round but half way around he thought otherwise!living arrows living arrows

After a much needed pit-stop BattleKid perked up and we had a lovely time talking to the penguins, who are still by far his favourite animal/bird. These cheeky penguins kept following our hands on the glass, like they were saying “Hi” and wanted to play. Such lovely creatures.

living arrows

Before we left we had some fun at a kangaroo, so much so that someone didn’t want to leave it!

my sunday photo living arrows

What did you get up to last week and over the weekend?

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Living Arrows

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38 thoughts on “Living Arrows 12/52

  1. Oh wow that kangaroo is awesome – what fun! Happy St Patrick’s day, he looks great in his outfit for the occasion. Lovely photos.

  2. Oh, I used to love bringing the kids to the zoo! Penguins are great, they can look so funny when they waddle along. The kangaroo looks pretty cool too 🙂

  3. I saw the preview of your pic on the linky and instantly knew it was Bristol Zoo. We’ve spent so many hours in front of that tank x #livingarrows

  4. Happy St patricks day. Sorry to hear you could not make it home, these airlines sure know when to rocket up the prices hey! But glad you guys managed to get out and have fun x

    1. Thanks Lindsey. Yes it was a pain. I would have booked it in the New Year when prices were cheaper but I was waiting for BattleKid’s new passport to come back. By the time it did prices were too much for my liking x

  5. I love Bristol Zoo. I have a photo of my brother trying to climb in that kangaroo last year. We love acting like big kids. Can’t wait to take Isla to the zoo when she’s old enough to appreciate it

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