Living Arrows 49/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

While making his bed, BattleKid spotted the Buddhist beads we’d been given by a very dear friend in Wales. She gave them to us when he was still a baby for his bed, for protection. They made it to Portugal and stay at the foot of his bed under his sheet. He spotted them and promptly put them on. I had to take this picture and share it with her. She is someone we miss dearly since moving here!

living arrows 49 - BattleKid with his Buddhism beads

While watching TV, I caught this picture of BattleKid with his t-shirt stretched over his legs. I’m glad it is still slightly too big for him or he might have ruined it. I used to sit like this when I was younger.

living arrows 49 - BattleKid sitting with his t-shirts over his legs

Last Sunday we got out of the house and went to our local park. There is a great playground there and this was the first time BattleKid braved the climbing frame. I should point out BattleDad was close at hand here!

living arrows 49 - fun on a climbing frame

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