Merry Christmas Everyone

Wow, what a year. It’s been busy busy on this end, juggling trying to grow my blog with being a mum and everything that comes with it. And I have to admit, I’m tired, oh so tired. So, I’ve decided to take some time off from the blog over Christmas, down tools and enjoy the festive season as much as I can. This is me wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all.

Merry Christmas Everyone - Red christmas decoration

I have worked my ass off this year to grow my blog and my page views have tripled in that time, my Pinterest account has grown and I’ve produced much better content compared to previous years. I am firmly embedded in the family travel niche and while I have a huge amount of content still to write up, I am more passionate about what I write these days and enjoy it far more than I ever did the parenting niche. 

We’ve had some amazing trips this year. From the road trip Alex and I did in Ireland over Easter, to a great family weekend in Barcelona and our family road trip in Central Portugal, to our recent amazing trip to Lapland, we’ve enjoyed our travelling. And we already have a few things lined up for next year. As I mentioned before, we have a family travel bucket list and our aim each year is to tick off one or two things on that list. 2019 will see us tick off at least one, possibly two from the list. Our end of summer trip hasn’t been booked yet, so watch this space.

Alex and I will be heading back to Ireland during the summer holidays, more so we can escape the heat, and we’ll be taking in two cities including Dublin. I’m going to be planning which other city we visit soon and I’ll ensure we have lots of fun days out while staying with family in Dublin. I’m really looking forward to that and our other big trip next year. More on that soon.

But for now, I’m going to sign off for 2018 and say a massive thank you to everyone who has visited my site, both as BattleMum and as the rebranded Passports and Adventures. Thank you to everyone who commented on my posts, shared them, pinned them and gave me thumbs up on social media when you liked what I was posting. Without you guys I wouldn’t have made the huge leaps I have this year.

As for next year, I’ll be concentrating on something different for the blog to try and grow it even more but the great content you expect from me will continue. It’s just some behind the scenes things I’m going to shake up, partly to try and claw back some much needed time to myself. I spend a lot of time on the blog but, as mentioned, I’m feeling so tired now year-end has come around and I want to try something different next year so I’m not feeling so tired come December. 

In January you can expect lots of trip reports and reviews from our time in Lapland and Helsinki, and I’ll be co-hosting the Fearless Family Travel linky with some awesome bloggers, this will be replacing my Wanderlust Kids linky here on the blog. So please do stick with me and let’s see what 2019 brings us all.

In the meantime, I want to say Merry Christmas again to everyone who has supported me during the year. Have a wonderful festive season, drink, be merry and I hope you also get lots of nice presents. And I will see you in the second week of January, another year older with a 5-year-old on my hands (as we’ve both got birthday’s coming up). 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cath x

Merry Christmas Everyone - A Red Christmas bauble

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