A New Year, A New Focus

Happy New Year to all my followers. My word, 2017 went like a flash. And what a year it was for us as a family. I wanted to write a little note to start the new year on the blog and explain a few things that will be happening with the blog going forward and some changes that will be happening and some that have started and will be continuing. 


Those of you who are regular readers will have already noticed these changes happening, but I thought it would be good to explain the changes to those who dip in and out of the blog, or for any new readers. I also thought it would be good to explain my reasons behind the changes to my regulars.

Firstly, you’ll have noticed my blog header and social media avatars have changed quite a bit in the latter quarter of 2017. Gone is the scientist header below:


and it has been replaced by this:


Rebrand BattleMum header blog


The reason is simple. As of March 2017, I no longer work as a scientist and felt it was time to change the blog accordingly. I gave up my much-loved job as a scientist in readiness for our move to Portugal. We made the decision a year ago to sell up lock, stock and barrel, and move our family to Portugal for a number of reasons. Being close to my parents was top of the list. 

They bought a retirement home late in 2016 in Portugal, and we thought it might be good to move to be closer to them. The advantages far outweighed the disadvantages. For one, BattleKid would be able to spend much more time with his grandparents. And for times when BattleDad is travelling for work, I’d have a support network there that I didn’t have in Wales.

Secondly, the sunshine. There really has been no comparison where that is concerned. We quickly realised as we were discussing the possibility of moving that BattleKid had spent more than two thirds of his life indoors, mainly down to the cold, wet weather of the UK. Most times, when he’d ask to go out on his bike, we’d have to say no because it was either too cold or raining. Moving to Portugal would mean more time outdoors.

We also thought it would be a great opportunity for BattleKid to become bilingual and that at three and a half, it would be the right time to make the move as he would most likely pick up the language quite easily. 

The other reason for changing my blog header is that BattleKid is growing up and I felt the baby no longer represented where we were in terms of his age. And while I am still a biker underneath, I haven’t been on one since I was four months pregnant with BattleKid, and I’m unlikely to be on the back of one for some time to come.

The new header is a much better representation of our family as it stands. We’re a family who love to travel and I thought it was time to bring that into the header. It also shows how the blog is changing. My blog started as a parenting blog during the last few months of my maternity leave. While I enjoyed writing about BattleKid growing up, I came to realise last year that I don’t really want to continue with the parenting theme. 

There are hundreds of great parenting blogs out there, and loads of great parenting resource websites, and really I didn’t think I had anything more to share beyond what everyone else was sharing. I also didn’t really want to be writing about dealing with tantrums, or potty training, or how to deal with night wakings after toilet training. It didn’t feel right and it was no longer for me.

I still enjoy reading about other people’s experiences but I didn’t really feel like I wanted to share ours anymore. However, the one thing that gets my fingers typing fast and the words flowing easily is writing about our travels. Be it our Holiday Diaries, or posts about our Dragon Hunting adventures, these are the posts that come much easier to me and are the ones I enjoy writing so much more than general stuff.

I still enjoy the odd review but in the latter half of the year, I became pickier, if you will, about what things I wanted to review on the blog. And I started to focus on things that could have a travel aspect to them. Things like the Cabin Zero bag, of which I now own two as I love them that much, and the Adventure Belt, a great new edition to our travelling arsenal with BattleKid.

And as a result of all of that, our blog is now focused on family travel more than anything else. There may be one or two posts which are not wholly travel-related and it is for that reason I call my blog a Family Travel and Lifestyle Blog. The main focus of the blog has been changing over the last few months, with more travel-related posts being published than anything else and this will continue going forward.

I will continue to write our Holiday Diaries, mainly as a diary for BattleKid to look back on in later years, but also so that people can see what sort of things we get up to on our holidays. They used to be quite boring, if I’m honest, particularly when we were on package holidays, but as of last year, our travels have taken a different turn (which I’ve written about recently). They have become much more about discovery and adventure rather than sitting by a pool doing nothing. And I want to share those tales with everyone.

Out of our travels will come guides or information posts too, which I hope will be of benefit to others. Posts such as my 5 Things to Do in New York with a Toddler in Tow. That series will continue as we visit more and more places. I also plan to write other types of posts about travelling which may provide helpful hints and tips to others embarking on travel with their little ones. And if there is anything in particular you’d like to see on the blog then let me know!

So there you go, BattleMum is becoming a more travel-focused blog. I know the title of my blog doesn’t quite reflect the niche, but I’m still a BattleMum, battling my way through life, albeit a life vastly different to when the blog first started. 

Cath x

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28 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Focus

  1. Ooh exciting! Lovely to have a refresh and a clearer direction to work in. Even though I haven’t been anywhere with the baby (21months 😄) yet, when I see your posts pop up of all the places you go with Batlekid it makes me feel like I can, like it’s do-able. I love the new banner it’s great!
    I think as bloggers our blogs will change and evolve as we do as people and that’s a good thing. All the best for 2018! 🙂

  2. Wow! This year has involved a lot of changes for you. Travel definitely seems like the right direction for you at this time. Hopefully my niche will become clearer with time too. Hope you are enjoying the new start in Portugal too.

    1. Thanks Vicky, it’s been a big year of change but all for the better. All the best for 2018, I’m sure you’ll find your niche soon. And don’t worry if it takes a while. It took me 3 years to finally find mine x

  3. It’s great to see how your blog is evolving. I guess it’s the natural order of life – growth and change. It all sounds very exciting still. Looking forward to reading future posts! x

  4. I have always loved stopping by and checking out some of your adventures with Battlekid and loving the new header. Good luck with this new direction

  5. I think it is so interesting seeing how blogs develop and I love the new travel focus your blog is taking. I’ve really enjoyed your Portugal diaries and think it is incredible giving your little one the opportunity to learn another language and be bi-lingual. Looking forward to following more of your adventures in 2018.

    1. Emma, that means a lot to me, more than I can tell you. I was afraid people wouldn’t be interested but your kind words tell me some people are. I really do appreciate your comment. Gives me confidence to keep going with them x

  6. I for one love the travel focus, although I might be biased considering my heritage is Portuguese but still I applaud you for making that change. Moving to another country can’t be easy but I am glad you are happy with your decision! x

  7. Couldn’t disagree with moving for sunshine 🙂 Although I seemed to have done the opposite!! (do have lovely summers though here). I think it is a great re focus and you will enjoy your writing a lot more

  8. I love how much your blog has evolved in the last year. A new focus is so exciting. I hope you’re still loving Portugal. I’d love to move abroad with my daughter, what a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to read some of your travel posts and to get some inspiration of more places to visit. x

    1. Thanks hun, I really appreciate you saying that. It’s always nice to get feedback on changes you make to your blog and I’m glad you’re enjoying the travel side of things x

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