Organised Mess – What Does Your Star Sign Say About You?

Even though I was a scientist until March, I had a desk space with a computer, hidden away in the corner of the laboratory I worked in. Initially I used to share a desk space with my manager until our IT department hooked up the computer my main instrument was connected to, to both our internal network and the internet. Hey presto I had a desk space to myself.

I was relieved to finally have my own little space in the lab from which to write my reports or compile my data. You see, as much as he was a lovely manager, he was extremely untidy and messy. Each time he had holidays I’d spend the first morning he was away tidying the desk in preparation for manning the lab myself. When I got my own space, I kept it as tidy as I could, bearing in mind it was a small bit of bench in front of a computer.

At home, I am the same. Before leaving the UK, we had one bedroom as a dedicated office space. As BattleDad works from home, we needed one room he could close the door to if BattleKid or I were at home, especially during conference calls. In our office we had a desk each and various other furniture. However, apart from my desk, the office was a complete mess. Chaos and disorganisation overtook it and, as it was really BattleDad’s room in which I had one small space, I left him to it. I had to look past the mess which drove me insane.

And let me tell you, the amount of crap that came out of that room in our recent move was unbelievable, things he’d completely forgotten about or lost in the chaos. Our office, a large spare bedroom, was pared down to simply a few boxes of belongings and our two computers. And all except our laptops are now in storage.

In our new home, we don’t have an office space, and we both do most of our work from the dining table. The joy of living outside for most of the year is that we can leave our laptops on the dining table inside as we dine out on our decking most evenings. But we have both admitted that the one thing we miss about not living in a house is the office space. It will be one of a few requirements when we start looking for our Portuguese house.

So, when I came across an infographic by F@W in which our organised or messy desk space can be attributed to our star signs, I had to chuckle. And I can tell you it was quite accurate for both BattleDad and I.

BattleDad is a Sagittarian and has been described by the Infographic as a hoarder, and even he nodded when I read out the description to him. I saw it for my own eyes when we were clearing out the office in preparation for our move to Portugal.

Meanwhile, I am a Capricorn and have been described as having an organised filing system and a kitchen cupboard full of gadgets to minimise the effort of organising. I hold my hand up and say yes to these. I am organised, and everything has a place and a purpose. I wrote a previous post about my new desk space last year in which I reorganised my desk in our office and had various Ikea holders and organisers on my desk. These are stored away in preparation for our new office whenever we buy a house here in Portugal.

Meanwhile, we continue to work from a dining table, and yes I keep my side tidy while BattleDad’s not so much. What does the infographic say about you and would you agree with it?

Cath x

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9 thoughts on “Organised Mess – What Does Your Star Sign Say About You?”

  1. Haha I love what it said about me organizing things by colour because that is so true ( I am a Libra). Just one look at my IG account and you can immediately see that it is colour coded x

  2. I’m a Saggitarian and yes, I am a terrible hoarder! I’m working on it though – bags have been cleared out recently for the charity shop. There’s just not enough room in this house!


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