Portugal Day 1: 24/03/2016

5.50am the alarm went off. I hadn’t slept well but then I don’t the night before travelling. I got up, got BattleKid’s bottle ready and I went upstairs only to meet BattleDad at BattleKid’s door. We had gone to bed before 10pm so BattleDad was awake with us. BattleKid was quite bleary eyed, saying “fix eyes, fix eyes”. I think he was still so sleepy that his eyes wouldn’t open for him! We brought him into our bed, the usual scenario every morning to have his bottle while watching mickey mouse Clubhouse. I got myself washed and dressed before getting BattleKid ready.

We all went downstairs for some toast and to spend a few minutes with BattleDad before we headed for the airport. I should add that BattleKid and I were flying solo. As mentioned in my previous Portugal post, this was a last minute holiday to go meet my folks in Portugal who were on holiday as they usually are in March, but this time with my nephew. BattleDad was going off for a few days on his bike so he had suggested we see if my folks would mind us joining them so we weren’t stuck at home over Easter. So that’s what we did!

Just before 7am we got BattleKid into the car, said goodbye to BattleDad and off we headed on our little adventure, just the two of us. I knew it was going to take us at least an hour as we would hit rush hour traffic on the A470, the same traffic I sit in every morning during the week. And despite it being school holidays it was still busy. We got to the airport just after 8am, hopped on the bus over to the terminal and checked in quite quickly. We also got through security easily enough.

Inside the departures lounge it was heaving with people. The cafe in Cardiff Airport was having a refit so only the bar was open and the queue was out the door. I picked up a sandwich in WHSmith and sat down with BattleKid. He didn’t like it so munched on some snacks I’d brought with me. We walked around for a bit when he was getting bored until our flight was called. We boarded our flight and took our seats, this being the first flight BattleKid had his own seat. It made a world of difference not having him on my lap and all the space under his seat for our luggage. This meant everything was close by and to hand should I need it.portugal day1

As we flew south the grey clouds started being replaced with hazy sunshine which I was thankful for, having heard a miserable weather forecast on the radio on our way to the airport. I hoped we would be met by sunshine when we arrived at Faro to meet Lolo.

portugal day1

portugal day1

portugal day1

The flight went well and BattleKid was surprisingly good. He did start to get a bit bored as we started to descend as he had to sit into his seat with his belt strapped but that’s when the stickers came into their own and they kept him occupied until we landed. The hope of sunshine was realised as we landed and after changing BattleKid’s nappy (real world problems), collecting his buggy and our bag, we went out to meet Lolo. BattleKid was thrilled to see him.

Lolo had organised airport transfers which take no more than 30 minutes to Tavira from Faro Airport. As we arrived at our accommodation my mum and nephew were waiting to greet us. My nephew had learned of our surprise visit the night before when one of the staff let it slip about a cot for BattleKid. However he said it was still a nice surprise that we were joining him.

We had a quick bite to eat and I tried to get BattleKid down for a nap but he was having none of it with all the excitement. So with him up we went to the shops for supplies before bringing him to the pool area for an hour to play. The pool was too cold to get into but we dipped our toes in the water “cold mama” was all I got, and we had a play with the new Thomas and Percy I’d bought BattleKid. Before we knew it it was half four so time to think about dinner for us. We had a lovely time around the pool, playing and catching up and it started to feel like we were on holiday, although it did feel weird not having BattleDad with us.portugal day1

portugal day1

portugal day1

portugal day1

After a light dinner we got BattleKid ready for bed and he was asleep quite quickly after a big day. However he didn’t sleep well, waking somewhere around 12 and not going back to sleep until 3-ish in my bed. Cue a disturbed sleep for me!

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