Portugal Day 3: 26/04/2016

Thankfully BattleKid had a better night with just two brief wake ups at 4 and 5am. We woke at 6.15am and I got him his bottle before we went into the living room of the apartment to see Lolo and Nana. We had tea while BattleKid played with his bikes, ten made some breakfast. BattleKid tucked into scrambled egg and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After breakie we had a cuppa on the terrace, enjoying the morning sunshine, BattleKid in his ‘office’ and all this before 9am. Our plan for the day was a bit of shopping in the local shopping centre and that was it but we had to wait until 9. 40 to leave as the shops don’t open until 10am.portugal day3

We got to the Gran Plaza shopping centre five minutes before opening. Getting there from our apartment at Tavira Gardens is easy enough except having to cross a busy main road. We had a short wander around before going into C&A as soon as they opened their doors. I loved the C&A that used to be in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre many moons ago, so was excited when my mum told me there was one there. portugal day3I picked up a few tops for myself and some shorts and t-shirt sets for BattleKid.  We then dropped into the toy shop where I got BattleKid a new Thomas train and a Hot Wheels car. He was chuffed. We stopped into another clothes shop called Mo where I got a new pair of shoes for all of €8. We then popped upstairs to the food court for tea and a cake.

For once BattleKid didn’t like the cake I got so I had it all to myself and it was lovely, although I couldn’t tell you what it was. BattleKid did enjoy car and bike spotting from the outdoor terrace balcony. portugal day3After our pit stop we went to resupply in Continente, the supermarket, where BattleKid ended up falling asleep in his buggy, a pretty rare thing to happen. I think the outdoors and fresh air was knocking him out.

We walked back to the apartment and magically BattleKid stayed asleep. We chilled out until he woke up after 1pm and them had lunch together before playing outside for a while. portugal day3The clouds had rolled in so we all got a hoodie or Cardigan on. After a while we went back inside and while Nico had a bath, Lolo and I took BattleKid down to the playground. He wasn’t keen on walking around it as sand was getting into his sandals so we only spent a few minutes there before heading back up to the apartment.portugal day3

portugal day3

We had decided to give Lolo a break from cooking and went down to the restaurant in the complex. The menu wasn’t extensive and although we had to wait an hour, my linguine was actually really nice, so much so BattleKid wanted to tuck in but I had to limit him as it had chilli in it. BattleKid and I shared a chocolate mousse, after which we hightailed it back to get BattleKid into his bed. Because of his early nap he was dead on his feet, poor egg. I got him changed, got his bop and read him his stories. He actually turned over as soon as I finished the last story and was ready to go to sleep. I had to ask him for a kiss goodnight. He was asleep straight away.

I had a couple of cups of tea with everyone while waiting to speak to BattleDad who had been out on his bike in Snowdonia all day with a mate. I was knackered with BattleKid having had the early nap and was looking forward to my bed. At 9.15pm I gave up and went in, leaving my phone on vibrate. BattleDad called shortly after and I then went to sleep. BattleKid woke briefly at 12 and 3 but did go back to sleep each time thankfully.

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