Portugal Day 5: 28/03/2016

We woke at 7am and had our bop in our bed as usual. BattleKid was in quite good form thankfully. We joined everyone out in the living room once they were up and I let BattleKid watch the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom on his tablet during breakfast, which encouraged him to eat well thankfully. I was worried he’d still be off his food but he wasn’t. Even Lolo enjoyed the two programmes. After breakfast we got dressed and headed to Tavira Gran Plaza shopping centre.portugal day5

Our first stop was a shop called Mo to get Nico some trousers. He had picked up a pair in there but wanted a different colour so that’s what we did. I picked up a top, a scarf and a pair of shoes for myself but had to run back to change the shoes as I’d stupidly picked up a 37 (4) rather than a 38 (5). I don’t know what I was thinking. Next we stopped into s kids clothes shop called Zippy where I got my niece Leah (Nico’s sister) a nice Minnie Mouse top and shorts set. I hadn’t gotten her anything for Easter so thought the little set would be nice. Once we’d finished browsing the shops we headed up to the food court for a drink and some cake. It was a lovely day out so we relaxed on the balcony with our tea and cake before letting BattleKid ride one of the amusement rides inside before heading to the Continente supermarket for supplies and walking back to our apartment.

portugal day5

portugal day5We had lunch and BattleKid ate well. He then enjoyed playing on the terrace with his cars before I out him down for a nap at 1.30pm. I had a cuppa with my mum and then started to fall asleep in the sun so decided to climb into bed just after 2 for a nap myself. I got a much-needed hour. I woke BattleKid at 3.30 and we headed down to the pool for an hour for the final time to chill out. Nico pointed out the noisy neighbours and I was very surprised as the lady looked to be over 60 years of age. She should have known better than to clip around in heels late at night on tiled floors!

portugal day5

portugal day5

After a lovely hour by the pool, which I was going to miss terribly, we got dressed and head to Gran Plaza for dinner. There are a number of different food retailers in the food court which meant we were all catered for easily. BattleKid, Lolo and Nico had something from the burger place while Nana and I went for salads, which were huge! Afterwards BattleKid had a ride on the amusement bus again, the first one he’s ever stayed on one while it was moving! We stopped by C&A for Nico as he wanted to pick himself up something as this was his last chance and then on our way to the exit BattleKid had a ride on a Bob the Builder ride, again staying on it.portugal day5

Back at the apartment I finished up packing, called BattleDad and then got BattleKid into bed. I had a few cups of tea with Nico and my mum before retiring myself in hopes of a good night’s sleep. The noisy neighbours started again but didn’t go on for an hour! It wasn’t a very exciting day but a ncie one to end our few days in Portugal with my parents and Nico.

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