Portugal Day 6: 29/03/2016

After a relatively ok night’s sleep we got up and had breakfast with everyone before getting ourselves dressed. I left BattleKid in his pyjamas so as not to ruin his clothes over breakfast, which he can do. Our flight home to Cardiff wasn’t until 1.15 and my dad had arranged an airport transfer for us for 10.30 so we had a bit of time to kill. I let BattleKid play on the terrace which we all had a cup of tea. My dad had offered to come to the airport with us but I said there was no need as it would have delayed them getting their bus to Olhao.

Just after 10 I changed BattleKid, closed up our suitcase and made sure everything was ready. I had pared down my hand luggage to as I had a good idea what BattleKid would and wouldn’t need on the flight. It also has me more mindful of what I’m going to pack in our hand luggage for the flight to Lanzarote.

We went downstairs and our taxi was waiting, so we said our goodbyes and off we headed. BattleKid got about a 10 minute nap on the way there which wasn’t ideal. When we arrived we were a little early for check in and the boards were saying our flight was half an hour delayed which I wasn’t too happy about. Once we checked in I got us through security and went in hunt of something to eat. BattleKid was glad to be out of his buggy for a bit. We had lunch and wandered around the shops to kill some time before I got us through passport control into our departures lounge and got a bottle of water for us.portugal day6

We boarded out flight at 1.15 (our original departure time) and the crew were very apologetic and got all the passengers in great spirits with their funny antics just before the safety demonstration. Surprisingly the flight wasn’t full and BattleKid was generally quite good, getting a bit bored again during our descent into Cardiff. I’m going to have to stock up on more stickers for our flights to and from Lanzarote as he ploughed through them during the descent. He didn’t nap at all which wasn’t ideal as I’d hoped he would but he never had napped on a flight, too much going on around him I think. It doesn’t help that he’s a nosey parker!

After landing, collecting our bags and making our way to the car we headed for home. This is when BattleKid decided to nap, typical! Plus as we landed later than originally planned we hit rush hour traffic coming out of Cardiff. I was glad to get home and see BattleDad.

All in all, our trip to Portugal was a lovely one, very relaxing and it was so nice to spend some quality time with Nico and my parents. Tavira is a nice town, not too built up and is definitely somewhere I’d recommend if you are after a bit of quite time in the sun. Next on the holiday agenda is Lanzarote. We’re headed back to the same place as last year in the hope of a better ending to the holiday than last year (and BattleKid’s chicken pox).

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