The Portugal Diaries #14

As mentioned in my last post, we are very lucky to have a restaurant on our site and we went there for dinner one evening at the end of July. As BattleDad was paying, Ricardo the manager gave BattleKid a push pop and I was horrified. I’ve written about it in a post called The Cruellest Things Parents Have Done to Their Children. However, Fairy came to the rescue and it wasn’t thought about or mentioned again.

cruellest things

BattleKid and I were also doing painting at home quite often too as we wait to speak to the local kindergarten about getting BattleKid back into a school setting. Kindergarten would be good for all of us to get some structure and routine back. I do think BattleKid was missing it and I was hoping by the time we went to America, we would have a place sorted.Painting fun with BattleKid

At the start of August, BattleDad and I went to our storage unit to fish out warmer clothes for some holidays we have planned. We were advised to layer up for our USA road trip and we know we’ll need the warmer clothes for our trips to Bluestone and Paris. It felt very strange getting them out while we were in shorts and t-shirts. I must admit I am not looking forward to putting back on jeans, jumpers and coats! Funny how quickly you get used to living in shorts and flip flops.

We also took BattleDog to the vets at the start of August. He was due his kennel cough booster. I also asked the vet to check his nose as it was going crusty. He had been nosing in the ground and I thought it might be due to this. The vet mentioned two conditions that might also cause it and it got me a bit worried. However, she suggested moisturising it first to see if would come off. So that’s what I did, using good old olive oil. And to my surprise it worked. His nose was doing much better within a few days.German Shepherd

We have also had a few successful barbecues. BattleDad had a BBQ shipped down from the UK and spent some time putting it together. Once it was ready we ventured into Tavira Market for spices and supplies. The spices were for my Dad to make me up a curry powder mix. He makes the most amazing curries, that taste the same every time and it’s all down to the mix of spices he uses. He was kind enough to make me some when we first moved to Portugal but I was running low. So, we stocked up and he showed me how to make the powder sunday photo

BattleDad picked up some spices for chicken and I must say, the ones coming off the barbecue taste amazing. That’s one thing we love about living in Portugal. You can say you’re going to have a barbecue and not have to spend the rest of the day hoping and praying it doesn’t rain. You are pretty much guaranteed sunshine and warm weather in which to enjoy said barbecue. I think they are going to become a weekend regular!

We were also making the most of the pool on site every afternoon as it’s a lovely way to end the day with BattleKid and also a way to cool down. BattleKid has no fear at all in the water.My living arrows picture of BattleKid jumping into the pool

Our attempts to contact the school to enrol BattleKid weren’t very successful but just before our holiday, the main school in Vila Real de Santo Antonio contacted me and I managed to get BattleKid on the list. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I had to get his fiscal number and try get both him and I a social security number. The lady in the office of social security didn’t speak much English and my attempts for that number for us failed. It left me feeling a bit worried as we approached our holiday as to whether he’d be allowed to join kindergarten.

We had been busy making final plans for our USA road trip during August. I had been working hard to get posts scheduled for while we’re away and I’m glad to say the motivation was great. I sometimes lose my blogging mojo but for some reason it was sticking around. I just hoped it didn’t get left behind in America. And before we knew it we were on our way to London to get ready for an epic two weeks in America. I am still writing up those Holiday Diaries!

To be continued…

Cath x

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