The Portugal Diaries #15

Our two-week America road trip was a resounding success and turned out to be the trip-of-a-lifetime. It couldn’t have gone any better and has given us a bug for road trips. We got back to Portugal late on Sunday 10th September after a delayed flight from London. 

be in the picture 8 - mum and son watching a herd of bison in Yellowstone
Checking out a small herd of bison in Yellowstone

The plane had come from Athens and there was a man with a broken leg stuck in his seat. It took them an hour and a half, with medical assistance, to get him off the plane and get us off the ground. Not the best way to end an epic holiday. But we got home safe and sound.

When we arrived home, we discovered the workmen of our park had finally started sorting out our garden for us. We wanted paths put in and grass to cover the gravel and dust which had started to annoy us. It was great to know the end was in sight where our little patch of Portugal was concerned. And it was completed before the end of the month. It has made the garden look much cleaner and complete now. No more dust coming into our home.

As soon as we were back from our holidays, we went to the school to see the secretary. They had BattleKid on their register and so, on the Tuesday we started him off with four hours, going to up seven hours (until 4pm) by the end of the week. He had no problem at all going in and the language difference didn’t seem to bother him at all. With BattleKid starting school, it made me spend more time on the language app, Memrise, to continue my learning of the language too. And I was soon surprising BattleDad with some of the things I understand and can say. I’ve a long way to go but I’m making the effort.

All the teachers in kindergarten understand English to some extent, but only one speaks it with some confidence. They’re all lovely and very accommodating of both us and BattleKid. There is also another child in his class from an English-speaking family which is great to know. And he seemed to be settling in well.

The weekend after we arrived back from America we attended our first proper motorbike racing meet with BattleKid at Portimao. World Superbikes have a date on their racing calendar at the Algarve Circuit and BattleDad had gotten us paddock access for €35 each. That’s a lot less than the same type of tickets for the Isle of Man TT, I can tell you!

We set off by 10am on the Saturday and just less than an hour and twenty minutes later we arrived to the noise of Superbikes doing practice laps. BattleKid wasn’t too sure of the noise at first, but once the race started he was extremely excited. We also spotted a few racers we know like Stefan Bradl and Eugene Laverty, both ex-MotoGP riders. And BattleKid got to meet the Yamaha pit girls too.

living arrows - An excited BattleKid at WSB at Portimao
One excited boy at the racing!
living arrows - BattleKid with the Yamaha pit girls at Portimao
I don’t think he was too sure about the pit girls!

It had been five years since BattleDad and I had been to a race meet and we agreed it had been too long. I think between WSB at Portimao and MotoGP at Jerez, we are going to be spoiled rotten. We missed Jerez this year but will be eagerly awaiting next year’s date to see if we can get tickets!

Shortly after our racing weekend, we had our friends, W and S, arriving for a week with their two children. It was lovely to see them in Portugal and spend time with them, and I know BattleKid was thrilled to see L!

And the Landy also completed her change from UK to Portuguese number plates. It’s strange looking at them and I was not used to them even a month after they were changed.

We also had some lovely days at the beach during September with the cooler weather, both with W and S, and also with BattleKid’s grandparents. We hadn’t visited the beach too much during July and August due to the heat but with the slightly cooler weather, it was much more inviting.

living arrows - BattleKid enjoying himself on the beach
Enjoying the beach at the end of September!

The month of September ended on a relaxed note as we continue to find our feet in a country we have fallen in love with.

To be continued….

Cath x

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25 thoughts on “The Portugal Diaries #15

  1. I’m looking at our photos and thinking “Oh it looks so warm there!” Would do anything to be in a warmer place right now. Anyway, while it’s lovely to go travel and experience the world, nothing also beats going home right? 😉

  2. I work in a pre-school and we have some non-english speaking families. It is amazing how quickly the kids pick the language up and I am sure Battle Kid will be putting your Portugese to shame soon

    1. Kara, I am so glad to hear that and from your point of view. I know it’s seeping in but it feels like it’s taking ages even though it’s only really been 3 months. And yes, no doubt in another few months we’ll be lagging behind. Thanks for giving me hope x

  3. Love his tee shirt! We are Rossi fans too. Aren’t they amazing settling into new schools abroad and just absorbing the language. I need to make more time to tackle my Swedish learning!

    1. Yay, a fellow Rossi fan! He IS a legend. BattleKid says he’s like Vale on his new motorbike. And yes, kids out us adults to shame! I need to spend more time on my Portuguese too!

  4. It sounds like you are settling in to the Portuguese way of life very smoothly. Glad you got to see the racing – its amazing that its too hot to go to the beach in July and August, we’d love some heat across here!

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