The Portugal Diaries #16

A big thing happened at the start of October. At 3 years and 9 months of age, BattleKid finally became a forward-facing car passenger. We had kept him rear-facing as long as possible, but his legs were starting to get cramped, and so we made the decision to change him around.

portugal diaries 16

He was thrilled with himself to have a ‘big boy seat’, even though his seat was no different. He has been enjoying his new view of the world I can tell you.

At the beginning of the month we also visited our local park where we found a lake for throwing stones into. We also enjoyed afternoons in the garden playing with BattleKid’s new water table after kindergarten.

portugal diaries 16

portugal diaries 16


The start of October was another time for preparation, this time for our visit to Bluestone in West Wales. We’ve visited Bluestone before, but never for a mid-week break, and I for one was looking forward to it. BattleDad not so much due to the weather forecast. We’re very spoiled weather-wise here in Portugal.

We were also getting a chance to try out a new cabin bag I was sent for review from Cabin Zero. I am in love with this bag and only recently managed to get hold of the packing cubes that go with it. I may have also purchased a second Cabin Zero bag.

We left BattleDog with his grandparents on the Sunday, the night before our flight back to the UK. He has become known as the dog-share dog, aptly named by his Nana. My parents had two dogs in Ireland which they left with my sister and I do think they miss them. So, I think they enjoy having BattleDog while we are away. And we are very grateful to them for looking after him.

On the Monday, we left sunny Portugal and arrived in wet and grey Bristol later than we expected. After collecting our hire car, we got onto the M4 bound for Bluestone. Despite a mixed bag of wet and dry weather, we had an enjoyable week, again with W and S, and even fitted in a spot of dragon hunting at Pembroke Castle, as well as a visit to Tenby. The lodge we had was very comfortable and one I’d definitely consider booking if going again with friends or family.

portugal diaries 16


When we arrived back, my sister, brother-in-law and niece were here, and we enjoyed some quality time with them over the weekend. We had a lovely dinner at O Castelo in Tavira on the Saturday night before having fun at the beach on Sunday and a BBQ at ours. We then got BattleKid back to kindergarten on the Monday. He was a bit reluctant to go in for the first two days, as can be expected, but was soon skipping in to see his teachers.

portugal diaries 16
Cousins in Tavira


The rest of October has been relatively quiet. BattleDad has been to London for a work-related meeting and I was trying to get my Holiday Diaries from America completed, among other things. However, during the last weekend of the month we drove to the north of Portugal to visit Filipe Paiva at Trialmotor. The sole aim was to see if BattleKid would like, and could handle, a motorbike, albeit an electric one. And while there we discovered that autumn does indeed come to Portugal.

portugal diaries 16
The lovely castle of Lousa in autumn

And before our very eyes we witnessed our son take his first ride on a motorbike. We knew there and then Santa would be bringing him one for Christmas. 

portugal diaries 16
Learning to ride with Filipe Paiva

If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch them again in the Portugal Diaries within the travel section of the blog.

Cath x

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15 thoughts on “The Portugal Diaries #16

  1. Woo, go Battlekid! He looks like he got the hang of the motorbike pretty quickly! Bluestone looks wonderful – the sweet shop is calling me, I can’t resist some retro sweets. And my husband has one of the Cabin Zero bags too – he can’t stop raving about all the stuff he can fit in it!

  2. How incredible that your son was able to take his first ride on a motorbike and I love that the castle of Lousa, I bet you had a magical time exploring the grounds. Did you find any dragons this time?

    1. We didn’t find any unfortunately Ana. It was quite a small ruined castle and we didn’t know it was there before we drove up (read, we forgot to bring the dragon with us haha).

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