The Portugal Diaries #3

As we headed into the mountains of Northern Spain to find our accommodation for the night, BattleDad and I commented that they would remind you of the Alps. They were very lush and green, not really what we had been expecting at all. We rather enjoyed the roads heading towards our accommodation, but I was quite worried about arriving in time to feed BattleKid as it was already past 8pm Spanish time when we headed into the mountains.

We were following a river along a road when BattleKid started crying saying he wanted to get out. Around another corner, he started getting sick. We pulled over beside a bridge across the river and I changed him quickly, thankful he had managed to avoid his car seat and tablet which he had been watching. No more Curious George in the car.

Google maps was telling us we had passed the turn off for our hotel, so we turned around and headed 20 minutes back the way we came, only to start going down country and dirt roads, with no sign of a hotel at all. We stopped along one dirt track, let BattleDog out to do his business, and checked the actual address of the hotel, rather than the Google maps which had been sent in our confirmation email. Lo and behold, our hotel, was back the way we had just come from. Typical. This always happens to us!

We followed the new address and you couldn’t make this up. Where was our hotel? At the bridge  where we had stopped at when BattleKid had gotten sick. We had been right beside it and never realised! BattleDad said afterwards he had thought the building beside us had looked rather nice. Only us, it could only happen to us!

At this stage BattleKid had fallen asleep, so we stopped the car beside the hotel and went inside to check in and get our bearings. The manager was most helpful, telling us where our room was, directing BattleDad to the parking ( a very short walk away from the front door) and telling us we had time for dinner as it was well after 9pm.

portugal diaries
BattleKid fast asleep

We got BattleDog and BattleKid upstairs and were wowed even more by our room. The hotel, Casa del Puenta, which I plan to write a review of soon, was simply stunning. An old renovated building, it had exposed brickwork and beams and just screamed character. BattleKid didn’t wake up as we moved him upstairs so I changed him into his pj’s while BattleDad sorted the dog and our bags. We put the Baby Monitor app on my phone and went downstairs to the restaurant.

portugal diaries
BattleDad walking BattleDog before our dinner

We joked that it was our first ever dinner date since before BattleKid was born but it was true! We ordered Sea Bass with Garlic and some water, and my god it was so tasty. It was thoroughly enjoyed after the trip we’d just had. Dinner, which included some homemade breads, and our drinks came to the grand total of just €26. Bargain.

The owner had checked with us as we checked in what time we would be leaving and was a little shocked when we said 6am. Breakfast was between 9 and 11am so we would miss it. He very kindly arranged for the chef (who I assumed was his wife) to make us some sandwiches. She had these ready for us as we paid our bill, as well as some fruit and orange juice. We were totally bowled over by their kindness as they didn’t have to do that at all. You certainly wouldn’t get that level of service in most other places.portugal diaries portugal diaries

After dinner, I sorted out our bags, while BattleDad walked the dog one last time and then I joined BattleKid in bed. I couldn’t sleep much as the street light was beaming in through the window. The next morning, I discovered there was a shutter on the inside which I had missed in the dark. Typical! Had I just turned on the light I’d have gotten some much needed sleep. Oh well, lesson learned.

I had set my alarm for 4.45am (UK/Portugal time) to ensure we were on the road early. It was going to be a long day with just over 600 miles to cover…..

To be continued…..

Cath x

If you missed my previous instalments of The Portugal Diaries you can read Part 1 and Part 2 again.


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13 thoughts on “The Portugal Diaries #3

  1. Ah yes, I’m all too familiar with the “go back the way you came for no reason” method of travel. Don’t worry, it happens to me too!

    The hotel sounds great, and it’s brilliant that they made you some food to take with you. Like you said, most places wouldn’t bother going to that extra effort. Looking forward to the next instalment!

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