The Portugal Diaries #8

The second weekend of June saw me jet off to London to meet two of my three sisters for the weekend. We had booked tickets for the Take That concert last year, long before Portugal was ever a possible move for us. It felt really weird but thrilling to be landing in London from Portugal knowing they were coming from Ireland. It was to be a proper girlie weekend and the first time in quite a long time I’ve had 3 nights away from my boys.

I arrived Friday afternoon and after checking into our AirBnB near the O2, I ventured into London and Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. It had been so long since I’d gone shopping on my own that I almost didn’t know where to start.

Well, it was Pandora I popped into first. And I came away with my first Pandora bracelet with charms, and a beautiful necklace too. Despite there being a Pandora in Abergavenny, I’d never been in a store before and I could have gone madder than I did in terms of spending. But as I said to BattleDad and my sister later, they won’t be stuck for ideas for my birthday or Christmas presents in the future!

After a bit more shopping I headed back to our apartment, conscious of not being in London longer than I needed a week after the latest terrorist attacks.

My sisters arrived Saturday morning and we had a fun filled day in London before having a lovely meal in the Ice Bar.

portugal diaries 8
3 sisters on tour

portugal diaries 8 I’ll be writing about that separately but suffice to say we had a blast, a cold one! Sunday saw us doing some more sightseeing before an early dinner before the Take That concert. The concert was amazing and All Saints, the supporting act, brought me back to the 90’s and early 00’s!

portugal diaries 8
All Saints bring us back to the 90’s

We had VIP tickets and they were worth every penny! What does VIP get you? This……..

portugal diaries 8
Howard starting the show 5 feet from us
portugal diaries 8
Gary came up towards the end of the show to sing beside us. We all got to shake his hand!

On Monday we all headed to Gatwick to go our separate ways and we all agreed it had been a fantastic weekend and was something we should do on an annual basis but with our other sister along too. The 4 McKenna girls together!

It felt strange knowing I was leaving the cooler air of London for the hot air of Portugal. I chuckled to myself when the air hostess welcomed everyone to Portugal and wished them a good holiday. I thought “I’m not on holiday”!

And something exciting happened while I was away. A certain little boy had the stabilisers taken off his bike and lo and behold he was peddling independently when I arrived back. That week we also got word that the Landy was finally fixed (at a cost) and we collected it before it was BattleDad’s turn to head to London himself, for a Guns and Roses concert. It took him back to his year spent in Paris as part of the opening crew of Euro Disney, blasting G’n’R in his earphones of his Walkman. Showing his age now haha!

portugal diaries 8
Riding with no stablisers

And the evening he arrived we had a fun thing planned!

To be continued…

Cath x

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16 thoughts on “The Portugal Diaries #8

  1. I love Pandora stuff! I have a bracelet for each of my children and a charm for each year of their lives that reminds me of that year. I like wearing it to work so I can think of them when I’m missing them!

    1. Oh that’s lovely Laura. I chose a necklace with a charm locket containing birth stones for our birthdays, a love heart and the infinity sign. I’m slowly going to add charms to my bracelet x

  2. I remember Take That! I didn’t listen to a lot of their music but I’m glad they’re still playing! I love Guns & Roses! That’s awesome that you and your hubby give each other that time to go do your own thing. I see too many couples who are always together no matter what and they get sick of each other. I’m glad you had fun! We all need a girls night/weekend every now and then:)

    1. Thanks Michelle. Neither of us like those other bands so it makes sense to have time away to enjoy our bands of choice. And we had such a good time we’re planning on repeating our weekend next year x

  3. How lovely that you have been able to get back to London for a visit. I could spend a fortune in Pandora, some of their charms are so beautiful and I love the ones with meanings to them.

  4. I loved Take That growing up and I’m jealous you were so close to Howard! Sounds like you had a great weekend with your sisters and created some wonderful memories.

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