Ready 2 Robot Review - Perfect Travel Companions

Ready 2 Robot Review: Perfect Travel Companions

We were recently invited to review some of the Ready 2 Robot range of toys. Now, I must admit, I had no idea what to expect. But as we’re a family that live in a very small two-bedroom holiday home, and a family that regularly travel, space is at a premium both at home and abroad. So, we’re always on the look out for new toys to fit with our lifestyle. Here is our Ready 2 Robot review, which we think make the perfect travel companions for the little people in your life.

Ready 2 Robot Review - Perfect Travel Companions

What are Ready 2 Robot?

Ready 2 Robot are collectable, customisable ‘bots which combine robots with slime. These toys let you build, mix and match and create your own set of ‘bots to battle your friends with. And the best bit, they come with thing that is the latest rage, slime!

As part of our review pack, we received a Ready 2 Robot Bot Busters pack, a Ready 2 Robot Bot Brawler single pack and a Ready 2 Robots Pilots pack.

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Boy with his Ready 2 Robot collection
The boy and his Ready 2 Robot collection

What’s inside a Ready 2 Robot Bot Brawler pack?

The Ready 2 Robot Bot Brawler pack comes with a complete Mechbot in seven packets, neatly positioned within the box. You also get a pilot for your bot, housed in a small pot of coloured slime. There are three compartments made up of four sections and they fit together neatly to create either a storage container or platform for your bot. The seven packets contain 1 cockpit, two arms, two legs and two weapons, which fit, via ball-joints, into the cockpit. Your pilot, once released from his slime, sits inside the cockpit and voila, you are ready to battle it out with another bot and pilot.

There are over 50 bots to collect and 1000 ways to mix and match Mechbots and pilots that kids will never be bored creating new and ever unique bots for battle. There are also some ultra-rare light up bots to try and add to your collection.

What’s inside a Ready 2 Robot Pilots pack?

The Ready 2 Robot Pilots pack contains four different pilots, each contained within coloured slime, ready to be released to add to your collection of pilots.

Ready 2 Robot Pilot 4-pack in their colourful slime pots

What’s inside a Ready 2 Robot Bot Buster pack?

The Ready 2 Robot Bot Blaster pack contains a Ready 2 Robot Bot Brawler, which has one Mechbot and pilot, and also a mini bot weapon accessory. This can stand alone, and ours had arrows to shoot from the weapon, and it can also sit on the back of you Mechbot, ready for battle.

Ready 2 Robot toys and their colourful packages
Ready 2 Robot Bot Blasters pack

What we thought of Ready 2 Robot

We had never heard of Ready 2 Robot before we were invited to review them and were not sure what to expect. What we got was something that set my son’s imagination going wild and his creativity. With two Mechbots, six pilots and a mini bot weapon accessory, he hasn’t stopped playing with them since he got them.

I have to admit that I was the one who needed to release the pilots from their slime. My child is one of the few I know who doesn’t like the feel of slime (or anything like it) on his hands. He takes after his father in that respect. But I had huge fun bringing the pilots out of their slimy cocoons. I found all but one slime to be easy to hand and that left little or no residue on my hands. The one I had most trouble with was the blue slime. It had great sticking power on my hands and the pilot which came in it needed a bit of cleaning before he could be used. But I thoroughly enjoyed being a child for the few minutes my son let me.

Slime on hand from a Ready 2 Robot pilot pot
Sticky blue slime

What my husband and I are most impressed with is the variety of appendages you get with them, six in total. And we’ve seen our son create all manners of combinations with his two Mechbots. As already mentioned, we received a Bot Blasters pack which came with a mini bot weapon. This has spring loaded tubes into which you ready two arrows. A small button on the top shoots them from the tubes and they can travel quite a distance. Our son has had a great time shooting his Mechbots, his parents and even the dog didn’t escape.  This mini weapon has also made its way onto one of his Mechbots. There are ball joints (like little holes) into which they can sit on their backs. The possibilities really are endless.

Photo collage of the Ready 2 Robot toys in action

The thing that I’m most impressed with is the fact you can dismantle your Mechbots and store them in the box they came in. These boxes also act as platforms for your Mechbots to stand on and can also link to other boxes, creating bigger, almost spaceship-like, platforms. And the boxes aren’t too big and carry all your Mechbot parts and their pilot. At a squeeze you can also add a few more pilots into the box.

The box and parts don’t weigh much and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, which is a great bonus when it comes to storing it in a small home or popping into our son’s hand luggage for our travels. However, I would advise that if you are planning on bringing the slime pot (which is quite small) on a plane, I would pop it into your liquids bag for it to be scanned at security. This will ensure no questions are asked. It will also mean you will need to open your Bot Brawler packs and remove it from within the box in order to bring it through security.

Ready 2 Robot Review - line up of the toys

What we love about Ready 2 Robot

  • While the parts are small, they are not too small to be fiddly to our 5-year-old.
  • Such a brilliant toy for getting our sons imagination and creative juices flowing.
  • Great value-for money toys. The RRP for the Ready 2 Robot toys we received are as follows: Bot Brawler GBP7.72, the Pilots 4-pack GBP7.72 and the Ready 2 Robot Bot Blasters GBP14.99.***
  • The bots, when placed back in their box, do not take up a lot of room and don;t weigh anything at all.
  • The slime will be a huge hit with any child fascinated by it.
  • You can mix and match all legs, arms and weapons with any cockpit, along with the mini weapons too. All pilots sit into any cockpit, meaning you can create any combination of Mechbot and pilot.
  • Great little collectable toy for kids of 5-year or more.

What we didn’t love about Ready 2 Robot

  • Nothing at all.

Overall, I am seriously impressed with the Ready 2 Robot toys we received for review. They have really sparked our son’s imagination and he has certainly been getting creative with the different types of Mechbots he has been making through the mix and match capabilities of the toys. I love that the parts can easily be returned to the box they came in for handy transport or storage. And they’re seriously good value-for-money. We’ve enjoyed seeing our son create games and battles with them, so much so, we bought another to add to our collection and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. They’re great as a treat for good behaviour during the week. And they’ll make great travel companions for him on our next adventure somewhere.

Ready 2 Robot Review - Perfect Travel Companion

If you’re on the hunt for a great set of little toys that don’t weigh too much or take up a lot of room, and something to spark your children’s imaginations, I can highly recommend something from the Ready 2 Robot range.

Cath x

*We were kindly sent some toys from the Ready 2 Robot range for review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions about the products.

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***Prices correct at the time of writing this post.

Ready 2 Robot Review - Perfect Travel Companions

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  1. I used to love anything you could collect loads of as a child, so it’s fun that there are so many Robots to collec! It’s also a winner that they come in slime – my daughters would love it 🙂

  2. I had this in my head as just another collectible! But actually there’s a lot more to it! I am impressed, the slime would go down very well in this house. With all those combinations it’s great for the imagination too! X

  3. Really enjoyed reading this review as we were in the supermarket the other day and my eldest was asking about these but I hadn’t heard anything about them and I don’t like to just make random purchases – I know he would love these

    Laura x


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