Researching Our Next Road Trip in Europe

Having had an awesome two-week USA road trip, we are now thinking ahead to next year’s holidays. We have Lapland pencilled in for December but we cannot wait until then to spread our wings and fly off somewhere else. One thing we have decided is we want a destination that involves just one flight direct from Faro. Having done Faro to London to Portland and the return trip, we would like an easier ride of it next year.

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One destination that has jumped out is Germany. There are direct flights from Faro to many cities in Germany including Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart. Neither BattleDad nor I have ever visited Germany before, and since I read another bloggers post about the many castles in Germany, it has been on our radar. Imagine dragon hunting in a fairytale castle in Germany.

Because we enjoyed our road trip so much, we thought we could make Europe our destination for our next road trip. We could fly into Germany to either Munich or Stuttgart and do a round trip taking in parts of Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and most importantly, the Black Forest. That area of Germany is somewhere BattleDad has wanted to visit for a long time and I’ve heard many good things about the area.

Initial research tells me there is plenty to do with a 4-year-old in tow, the age BattleKid will be if we go next year. I’ve also read that spring or autumn are good times to visit as it is less busy. I am thinking early to mid-May might be an ideal time to do our next road trip and would break up the year in terms of holidays while we eagerly await our visit to Father Christmas next December.

I’ve even gone so far as to investigate hire car prices and they are not crazy for a two-week trip. But the one question I do have is whether we stick to AirBnB or try something new. Although we use AirBnB quite frequently, the last place we booked on our USA road trip was in the most horrendous looking area. Although the property itself was lovely, we didn’t feel safe and so ended up booking into a hotel. It’s the first time that’s ever happened to us.

So, the question remains, what do we do about accommodation? Someone recently mentioned Clickstay to me and I must admit that although I’d heard of it, I’ve never considered it more closely. Clickstay seems to be similar to AirBnB but definitely more geared towards holiday villas and apartments. Another option would be hotels, but then we like having at least one separate bedroom so that we can enjoy an evening watching some Netflix after BattleKid goes to bed. We’ve done hotel rooms with him before on holiday and it’s not much fun sitting in the dark until he’s asleep. We could stick with AirBnB and hope we don’t get a repeat performance. But our last experience has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Although the listings are not yet available for May, I have found some lovely holiday apartments for rent in both Austria and Switzerland via Clickstay, which would form part of our Europe road trip. Imagine looking out at this view from this apartment in Fischbach in the Austrian Alps.

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We had a similar view when we stayed in a holiday apartment in Slovenia and you never tire of it. Or we could be lucky and find one with a pool.

I think we have quite a bit of planning to do if our next road trip is going to take place in Europe as one of our holidays next year, but I now know I have several options available to me where accommodation is concerned.

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16 thoughts on “Researching Our Next Road Trip in Europe

  1. I live in France, currently in Paris but we are moving to Toulouse very soon. The south of france could be a superb option for you. And if you do, I cannot recommend highly enough the island of Corsica. I have just come back from a week there and oh my is it beautiful. The sea is so clear and green and blue and white sandy beaches. And the food is to die for. You can pop over from France so could include that in your road trip. Also, the Ile de Re is a very very special place. They are my 2 top tips for France. Places the french love that the English seem to yet to discover how wonderful they are! Kate

    1. Oh thanks Kate. We are big fans of France, my husband spent a year living in Paris long before he met me. We’d love to visit Corsica so that is most definitely on the to-do travel list!

  2. I’ve never heard of Clickstay. Although I like the principal of AirBnB, and have used them once without any problem, I’ve found it difficult to find suitable places to stay. Love a road trip – really fancy Austria and Switzerland myself. We did Poland last year and loved it. Thinking about Norway this year!

  3. I’ve heard of Clickstay. That cabin in Austria looks stunning. I think Germany would be awesome destination….so much history. And beer and sausages! I’d love it if my parents had taken us on European road trips as a kid…your kiddies are very lucky to have such culture thrust upon them. Good luck where ever you choose.

  4. We had a family holiday to Germany and Austria when I was about 7 or 8 and I remember it fondly. My brother eventually moved to Germany so have spent a fair amount of time there too. Both are beautiful countries!

  5. I’d love to visit Germany especially the castles – have only been to Berlin and Frankfurt before but they were cool. I’m looking forward to my husband getting his driver’s license so ee can hire a car and do roadtrips!

    1. Italy is on the list. However, it will involve at least one stop-over in terms of flights. We just want a direct flight if going by plane next year, hence Germany being a contender. I think I’d be after the gelato though!

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