Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki

Ride on Suitcase for Kids – Trunki Review

In 2006 I, like much of the population, watched a fateful episode of Dragon’s Den. It was the episode where we were introduced to the one item we’d all come to see regularly in airports and which most parents would probably end up buying, me included. It was the day the world was introduced to the Trunki, the ride on suitcase for kids.

The brainwave of MD Rob, Trunki, was founded in 2003 but nearly didn’t make it. In 2006 he went on that now famous episode of Dragon’s Den but didn’t get an investment, to everyone’s surprise. Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones have since said publicly that they regret not investing. I wonder why? But it was soon after that we started noticing the ride on suitcase for kids in airports and since then their numbers have boomed. The rest is history. The overall range has grown since the first Trunkis appeared and other Trunki products are now available.

Ever since I first saw Trunki on Dragon’s Den I’ve wanted one but was missing one vital thing to accompany it: a child. Well as soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I’d finally get my wish. To have a Trunki in our lives. And it happened. When BattleKid was only a few months old I bought him the Gruffalo Trunki, way before he’d need it. I just couldn’t resist. And neither could BattleDad who also bought him one, the Lotus one. So BattleKid has 2 Trunkis although he only ever uses the Gruffalo one.Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki

Our Gruffalo Trunki normally lives upstairs in our house and, once BattleKid discovered it, he’s played with it upstairs ever since. It actually helped him while learning to walk as he’d push it along like a walker and is now well able for it, running along with it by the horns or gently riding it with his tiptoes. It certainly lived up to it’s name as a ride on suitcase for kids where BattleKid is concerned, both at home and abroad! Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki

Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Excuse the blur, toddlers move fast!

He has even taken to running along with it, crashing it onto its side while he falls to his knees and says “oh no, what’s happened, Ada Trunki fall”, Ada being him saying his name. I should point out that while it’s free for him to play with upstairs I’ve removed the carry strap so he doesn’t trip over it or get caught in it (I store it inside Trunki).

I love the design of Trunkis and there are so many to choose from. You can even design your own which is great. I considered designing one in Yamaha colours and getting MotoGP stickers for it but couldn’t justify having 3 in a house with only 1 child. That would be a bit too much! However, that said if Trunki did one in the Yamaha MotoGP colours, I’d definitely be first in line for it.

Our Gruffalo Trunki is well used, well loved and becoming well travelled. Trunki first travelled home with us to Ireland on the ferry last year and was packed with plenty of toys for BattleKid to play with during our time there. On the return journey we used some of the space to put BattleKid’s change of clothes in as we left my sister-in-laws house at around 5.30am so left BattleKid in his pj’s. This was really handy.

We then started using the Trunki last year on our trips to Bluestone as it meant we could take toys for BattleKid but also had somewhere to store them when they were not being used. The friends we go to Bluestone with actually bought their son a Gruffalo Trunki after seeing BattleKid’s on our first trip to Bluestone! BattleKid was confused seeing it in their house the first time and wanted to take it home with him as he thought it was his!

Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Gruffalo in Ireland for my sister’s wedding

Our Gruffalo Trunki has also flown home to Ireland for my sisters wedding in October and came in very handy during a two hour delay in Shannon airport on our return journey home. Although we had used most of the space to pack BattleKid’s Grobag and pj’s in it (we were due to land after his bedtime), the few toys in there helped keep him occupied. Once they got boring we pulled him along on the Trunki, up and down the length of the departures lounge, for as long as necessary. It is a ride on suitcase for kids after all and it saved our patience. He enjoyed it and it kept him quiet.


Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Delay in Shannon airport
Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Getting a pull from BattleDad in Shannon

Next up Trunki travelled to Lanzarote with us last month and has trips to both Bluestone and New York City coming up! It nearly needs it’s own passport at this stage.

Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Lanzarote 2016
Ride on Suitcase for Kids Trunki
Lanzarote 2016

Trunkis are suitable for use as hand luggage, although they do recommend checking with the airline before you travel. They measure 46 x 20.5 x 31cm, have an 18 litre internal capacity and are lightweight at 1.7kg. They can be stored in overhead compartments on planes and can carry a multitude of things to keep little ones entertained, both at the airport and on the plane. They are made from durable, hard plastic but are not recommended for being checked in at the desk.

Trunkis are also designed with safety in mind. They are designed to prevent children damaging their backs carrying heavy bags. Their soft rubber rim is also designed to prevent little fingers getting caught shutting the case and stabilisers prevent children from falling off it too. They carry the CE mark and meet the safety requirements as set out in EN71, a European standard specifying the safety requirements or toys.

There is a range of designs to choose from online or you can create your own design. The cost of a Trunki starts from £34.99.  The Gruffalo Trunki costs £44.99, as did our Lotus one. In my opinion it was money well spent.

What I love about the Trunki:

  • Durable, lightweight hand luggage case for BattleKid.
  • Designed with safety in mind.
  • Has loads of space inside for everything to keep a toddler happy on staycations or abroad.
  • Looks cool, you can always spot a Trunki a mile away.
  • Loads of designs to choose from or design your own!
  • Value for money considering how much use our Gruffalo Trunki has had, both at home and away.
  • Provides entertainment for little ones by either them pushing it around or being pulled around on it.
  • Provides great storage for toys while away.
  • Accessories available for it.
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee.

What I don’t like about the Trunki:

  • Nothing! I just wish they did adult versions as the new Juurni doesn’t do it for me.

We absolutely love BattleKid’s Gruffalo Trunki, as does he. It has proved very useful for trips in the UK, to Ireland and it certainly will be when we take it abroad this year. It’s great for storing toys in when they’re not in use such as in the evenings while away. It can be a source of entertainment for bored little ones at airports in its contents or in itself. BattleKid certainly was entertained by riding it while waiting to board our plane in Arrecife airport recently! There are accessories available for it in the Extras Pack which we have and finally got to use on our recent holiday to Lanzarote. In this you get a sticker pack, a purse, tote bag, detachable strap and saddle bag, which can double as a messenger bag for day trips. These cost £24.99 and are available in blue or pink. I plan to write a review of this once  we’ve used it a few more times.

I knew as soon as I saw the Trunki on Dragon’s Den any child of mine would have one and it’s come true. This ride on suitcase for kids is a brilliantly designed product and one both BattleKid and we love. It’s come in so handy on many occasion and will do in the future no doubt. And if you’re worried about buying it for younger toddlers I’d say stop worrying. BattleKid used it as a walker at home when learning to become steady on his feet and we’ve never looked back since. He’s well able for it now!

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I was not asked to write this post.

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  1. Oh I love Trunkis. I never saw that dragons den episode!! I must try and find it on Utube. We also have a Gruffalo one which we brought far too early as well – it was just so cute!! I just fell in love with it … Sorry correction Monket fell in love with it honest! 🙂 Thanks for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week X


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