Slovenia: Pre-trip

We’ve got a set of really good friends, T&G and have had a few holidays together with their two children L&T. We were long overdue a holiday together so in January we set about organising one together after about a 4 year gap. Now L&T are teenagers and have been getting a bit bored of typical sun package holidays so T suggested we find somewhere different with a variety of things to do. We were game as BattleKid is still young enough not to care about location and activities. T started looking into lake holidays but found prices incredibly expensive for the likes of the Italian lakes. Friends of theirs had mentioned they regularly holiday at a lake in Slovenia and after looking into it we decided to try the recommendation.

Now, Slovenia might not be on everyone’s list of places to visit and I have to admit I had to look where it was situated on Google maps. Slovenia is situated in Central and Southeastern Europe and I was surprised to see it had a coastline on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by Italy in the West, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast and Croatia in the south. It’s capital is Ljubljana and has a population of just over 2 million. It was part of former Yugoslavia and gained independence in 1991. It became part of the Eurozone in 2007 and was to be our holiday destination for a week in August.

For our holiday we had decided to drive to Luton, where we were flying out of, the day before to save ourselves the hassle of a long drive as we had an early 7.20am flight to Slovenia.

I finished work at 12.30 on the Friday and went straight home to meet BattleDad and BattleKid. As BattleDad had brought the dogs up to kennels earlier that morning we just had to load the car up, so it meant we were on the road by 2pm. This was ideal to allow BattleKid to get a snooze in. As we left it was raining and sat nav estimated we’d get there just after 5, which didn’t seem too bad.

However, as we passed Bristol on the M4 sat nav picked up a traffic problem and we ended up diverting and heading via Malmesbury to Oxford to avoid 2 problems on the M4. We stopped somewhere after Oxford for the crappiest KFC I’ve ever had, at the filthiest services I’ve ever stopped at. It was disgusting. We finally reached our hotel somewhere around 7pm, 5 hours after we started. Let’s just say I won’t ever be flying from Luton again. After a quick bath we got BattleKid into bed and he was asleep just after 8pm, with us not far behind him. But it wasn’t a restful nights sleep for me as I had BattleDad’s snoring keeping me awake!

George starting his holidays!
George starting his holidays!

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