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I used to do monthly updates for BattleKid but stopped last year. I thought I’d do quarterly ones but never got around to it. I read Kellie of My Little Babog’s recent Snapshot post and loved it and when I found out it was a linky I thought I’d join in. It was created by Awfully Chipper blog and is an opportunity to share a snapshot of your life at this very moment.
Listening to:
Right now, as I write this post, I am listening to the whine and whirring of the pumps on our instruments in the lab in work. I am on my own today so taking this opportunity to write this post. In life I’ve been listening to BattleKid screaming NO all the time and those of you who follow me on Instagram know all about it. Music wise I listen to the Capital Breakfast show in the mornings on my way to work and on the way home it’s my Spotify listen which has anything from Boney M (yes you read that correctly) to Armin van Buuren. Eclectic taste, hey!
Before BattleKid goes to bed it’s usually Thomas the Tank Engine, the Lion Guard or a new one we’ve discovered, Digby the Dragon. That’s if he doesn’t insist on Disney Cars, The Good Dinosaur or How to Train your Dragon. After bedtime is when BattleDad and I finally get to sit down and watch some of our own programmes. We’re watching 24: Legacy as we were huge Jack Bauer fans and we’ve not been disappointed with this yet. We’re also coming to the end of Grimm and watching The Walking Dead, which we are very interested to see how it ends this season. We’ve also started the new series of Broadchurch and love it. We’ve not long finished The Last Ship and a series called Six and are awaiting their return.
We only really play with BattleKid so it’s usually something car or bike related. Only yesterday he and I were playing with his Vtech Toot-Toot cars and roads. They have the most annoying sounds and voices though so it’s never for very long before they drive me insane.
I’ve recently gotten back to reading my Kindle in bed before I fall asleep and I have to say it’s rather nice. I’ve just finished the most recently Harry Bosch book (another TV series we are eagerly awaiting) by Michael Connelly and started one called Daughter of the Dragon by William Andrews. It’s a hard read at the moment but I’ll stick it out I think.
Bread. Bread, bread and more bread. BattleDad has gotten into making bread lately and is on an eternal quest to create the perfect French-inspired bread with tasty crust and big holes inside. However, he keeps changing the recipe and alongside that flour and crumbs are going EVERYWHERE in my kitchen. A pet-hate of mine is bread crumbs on my kitchen counters. It drives me insane so you can imagine the patience I have to have when he’s in baking mode. I seriously despise flour at the moment!
At the moment it’s just the usual of t-shirt, jeans and a jumper. I’m sorting through a lot of my clothes at the moment and doing a good clear out so I’m sticking to my tried and tested favourites. That said I have been making a few purchases of summer wear which will be needed in the very near future. More about that coming soon on the blog!
BattleKid and I enjoyed a weekend at home seeing family recently and although it was hectic we enjoyed it. We’ve also been enjoying cramming in as many Welsh castles as we can at the weekends and also a visit to Bristol Zoo before our annual passes run out. I’m also enjoying the fact that this week is my last week in work before I finish up for the foreseeable arrowsliving arrows
Not enjoying:
Oh there’s plenty at the moment for various reasons. The flour and breadcrumbs as already mentioned. I’m really not enjoying the battles with BattleKid at the moment. I just can’t hack them anymore. The constant NO’s, the swiping and trying to hit and kick, and the downright stubbornness has our patience wearing wafer thin at the moment. I’m grateful to everyone on Instagram who has lent me their support in saying we are not alone and that they are going through it too. It’s hard, really hard and you do think you’re the only parents having to deal with this on a daily basis but I sincerely thank you all for your support. I am also not enjoying sorting through and packing up our large house for an imminent move (to be included in the forthcoming blog post about life changes coming our way). While it’s good to do a clear-out this is something on a whole new level. You’ll hear more about it soon, I promise.
Looking forward to:
I’m specifically looking forward to three things. First and foremost, our holiday in Portugal over Easter to visit my folks. I cannot wait for some sun. The rain and grey, miserable Welsh weather has eventually gotten me down. It seems like it’s been an eternal winter and I’m done with it. I am also really, really looking forward to our USA holiday in September. I’ve written out it in our Holiday Diaries 2017 post and it’s going to be awesome. The first three days are going to be travelling hell but once we hit Yellowstone and slowly make our way back to Portland I think it will be great. Fingers crossed! And finally our move. Once it happens and we are settled I think it’ll be good.

As already mentioned I am looking forward to finishing work. I’m hoping it will give me more time to spend on the blog, time I currently don’t have. I have plenty of ideas for blog posts but never motivation at the end of the day to sit and write them down. Having time in the day may change that if I can fit it in between packing up. I’ve quite enjoyed this little Snapshot post and might just make it a regular feature on the blog, hence the #1 after the title. I could do with getting back to regular updates as I’ve felt a bit lost where the blog is concerned lately. Someone please come and give me a kick up the bum from next Monday!
Cath x

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29 thoughts on “Snapshot #1

  1. I have to say I do love snapshot and roundup posts because so much changes so quickly when they are growing up and it will be lovely to look back on in the future

    Laura x

  2. What a lovely idea for a post. I am trying to avoid eating as much bread as I normally do at the moment in a bid to lose a few inches… if Mr. C kept baking it I’m not sure I would be doing as well!

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog, and this post too 🙂 We have the 24 series taped, sounds like it’s good so we must get round to watching it. I know what you mean about the weather, it doesn’t even feel like spring, much more like winter still. A holiday in Portugal sounds perfect!

  4. Wow big catch up. I feel that I have got to know you a little bit better wich is just great! I feel for you with the arguments with the kid. With one of my children, it just feels like it’s uphill all the way! And USA in September! Wow enjoy – something super amazing to look forward to! And best of luck with the blogging!

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