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I used to do monthly updates for BattleKid but stopped last year. I thought I’d do quarterly ones but never got around to it. In March I read Kellie of My Little Babog’s Snapshot post and loved it. When I found out it was a linky I thought I’d join in. It was created by of Awfully Chipper and is an opportunity to share a snapshot of your life at this very moment.

Listening to:
As I write this post I am listening to the chirping of birds, the panting of BattleDog and the wheels of BattleKid’s bike going along my parents decking. I haven’t heard this many birds chirping in so long and they go from dawn until dusk. It’s beautiful.

Believe it or not we haven’t watched any TV of any sort for two weeks now. We are waiting for our stuff including our TV to arrive from the UK and to be honest I haven’t missed it. Before we left the UK, we managed to finish Grimm, 24: Legacy, The Walking Dead, Broadchurch and Line of Duty. We’re only a few episodes from finishing Fear the Walking Dead Series 2 and won’t have long to wait until House of Cards is back. Oh, we did get to finish the new series of Bosch, which didn’t disappoint again!

We have been playing with BattleKid’s Lego Duplo which we managed to bring with us in the car. We’ve also been playing with his Disney Cars models to keep him occupied. We’ve been having great fun playing in the pool most afternoons too!snapshot 2

I’ve recently finished a book called Daughter of the Dragon by William Andrews. It’s was quite a hard read but I was glad to complete it. At the moment I am reading a Penny Vincenzi book called The Decision. It’s the firs time I’ve read a book by her and so far I’m enjoying it. I am eagerly awaiting the new Michael Connelly book due for release in July.

Lots of fish and great food cooked by my Dad. The one thing I’ve most been looking forward to in our move to Portugal was the fish and seafood and so far so good! Lots of fruit and salads too. The oranges here are amazing! We’ve also managed our first dinner outdoors in Tavira and it was just fab. The restaurant came highly recommended and we were glad we booked as it was packed as you can see!snapshot 2

It’s shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses all the way, a far cry and big change to a few weeks ago. I’m loving the warm weather and even BattleDad is commenting on my new found love for dresses!

The sun, the food and the slower pace of life we’ve come to Portugal for. The weather has made a huge difference to our demeanour’s and outlook, we can enjoy the pool in the afternoons and are thoroughly enjoying my Dad’s cooking in the evenings. We really are loving the outdoor living we were hoping for!snapshot 2Not enjoying:
So far only the fact our stuff is taking it’s time getting to us from the UK but it seems things will come together this week as our new place should be ready this week and our stuff is due for arrival Friday. Mosquitoes are the only real thing we’re not enjoying at the moment but we’ve got plans to reduce our exposure to them in our new place.

Looking forward to:
Finally getting into our new place and really getting to finding our feet. We are enjoying staying with my parents who have been absolute stars and hopefully in the next week or two we’ll be out of their hair and they’ll have some breathing space again. We’ve got lots of places to explore in Portugal (and Spain) and we’ve got all the time in the world to do that. Expect plenty more updates to come on the blog!

Cath x

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20 thoughts on “Snapshot #2

  1. I know I said it before, but so exciting about moving to Portugal – if it weren’t for the kids, I would certainly think about moving to warmer climes again (or at least get a summer apartment or something). And I absolutely adore the sound of birds chirping. They are going mad here in Sweden right now and you can hear them pretty much all day and night – I especially love the sound when I am drifting off to sleep or early in the morning!

    1. I’m really enjoying the early morning chirping, sat out on my parents deck, in shorts with a cuppa in hand. Very relaxing and so nice to feel the early morning warmth too x

  2. I love reading about your updates on your move and wow nearly a fortnight without TV must be blissful – as well as living in shorts, indulging in good food and exploring a new place. Cannot wait to what your new house looks like

    Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura. It’s been quite nice not having TV. Good food and shorts are definitely a welcome change. And our new home isn’t quite what you’d think x I’ll say more in a forthcoming blog post.

  3. It’s amazing how little stuff you can get by with when you have to. We have just got back from a holiday in Italy and the kids watched no TV for eight days, and only took one toy each. Obviously the lovely weather helped, but they had such fun entertaining themselves. The snapshot post is such a lovely idea. x

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