Merry Christmas Everyone

Wow, what a year. It’s been busy busy on this end, juggling trying to grow my blog with being a mum and everything that comes with it. And I have to admit, I’m tired, oh so tired. So, I’ve decided to take some time off from the blog over Christmas, down tools and enjoy the festive season as much as I can. This is me wishing a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Little Wanderlusters and Travellers

So, the blogging world is a frenzied place with Christmas gift guides for one and all floating about. However, something that I haven’t seen so far is a Christmas gift guide for little wanderlusters like BattleKid. Gifts that will inspire travel among them or get them excited about forthcoming trips and holidays. Gifts that can be easily popped into their luggage to take with them on their travels.

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Christmas at Home or Abroad, What’s Your Take?

Yes, I know it’s only October but did you realise there are just 10 weeks until C-day. That is Christmas Day! It got me thinking about whether it is better to spend Christmas at home or abroad. We went away for Christmas last year but I wondered whether other families go away. Is it a regular occurrence or do they prefer to stay at home? Continue reading “Christmas at Home or Abroad, What’s Your Take?”