WIN a SkyBaby and take the stress out of travelling with babies

The thoughts of flying with babies and young toddlers can often be a daunting prospect for parents, especially if the flight is an overnight one or will be around nap time. Questions like “will they sleep?” and “how can we get them comfortable to help them nap?” will be whizzing around parents’ heads. Thankfully there is a great product on the market to quell those worries and questions. Enter – SkyBaby.

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BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat Giveaway

I was recently contacted by the lovely people behind the BubbleBum Booster Seat to see if I’d like to review one. BattleKid is unfortunately not at the stage of being ready for a booster seat. I will also freely admit I was a bit confused as to whether children could still use backless booster seats given the new laws that came into effect at the beginning of the year regarding child car seats.

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Celebrate the Gruffalo Ride at Chessington and Win!

During our weaning stage with BattleKid and beyond, Organix Goodies healthy snacks were the one thing I often popped into my shopping trolley. Not only are they made with the best organic ingredients and don’t have anything unnecessary added, but they also taste nice. I can vouch for them, having tried some of their snacks myself.

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Get Your Teens Cooking with Dublin Cookery School

As a parent of a pre-schooler I am yet to discover the wonders of what to do with him once the summer holidays hit. But I know enough mums and dads with children of all school ages who really dread the summer holidays and how they are going to keep them occupied enough not to hear the words “I’m bored”. Planning for the summer holidays is no doubt underway in some homes already. Well, parents of teens in and around Dublin who may be too old for traditional summer camps, I’ve got you covered. Why not get your teens cooking with Dublin Cookery School this summer on one of their Growing Gourmets courses.

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A Fairy Came to Live with Us – Irish Fairy Door Company

The day a fairy came to live with us was a special day. It came recently when we had decided to get rid of BattleKid’s dummies. The day after we started, our Irish Fairy Door appeared to the delight of the BattleHousehold. We had been wondering when one might move in, if at all, but we are now sure that our fairy came to help us along our ‘no more dummy’ journey.

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