Lanzarote Day 8: 08/05/2016

Home day!

We woke after 7.30 as BattleKid had another disturbed night and went for breakfast after his milk. He ate well and when we got back we did the last final bit of packing before stripping the beds and tidying the apartment.Lanzarote Day 8 a

Our taxi pickup was at 10am so 10 minutes before we headed to reception to checkout. Again I was grateful that our transfer was a taxi and yet again had a lunatic of a driver!  We arrived at the airport within 30 minutes and made our way to join the queues for Thomson Airways. They weren’t too bad and I chose desk 13, unlucky for some. It actually wasn’t too bad and the queue moved quickly enough and before we knew it we had dropped off our bags and were making our way through security.

The staff directed us to what seemed like a kid-friendly line, while others were ushered to join general queues. We thought that was a great idea, to keep troublesome kids away from other passengers. I definitely think other airports could adopt that system! It made our passage through security really swift and hassle free. Well done Arrecife Airport!Lanzarote Day 8 b

After we had passed through security I browsed duty-free and picked up a bottle of perfume for myself and some sweets for work. I’d meant to get the perfume in one of the shops in Playa Blanca but had forgotten. We went towards the food court and picked up some bottles of water before finding seats near the windows to allow BattleKid to spot the planes. It kept him quiet until our gate was called.

However they took their time boarding us as the inbound plane had been slightly delayed. This meant an increasingly bored BattleKid who was only happy making noise with his Trunki beside where we were standing in the queue. I’m sure other passengers were getting annoyed with the noise of his wheels, as I was a too, but it meant a happy, quiet child rather than a screaming, crying demon! Suck it up people, which would you prefer?

When we finally boarded it was quick enough and we departed just before 1. We ordered some hot food which BattleDad and I enjoyed but BattleKid only picked at. He was quiet enough on the plane, watching episodes of Curious George in between the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. He started rubbing his eyes, and as he normally naps after lunch, I lay him down between BattleDad and I (amen to him having his own seat between us now) with my jumper over him acting as a blanket and he soon nodded off. Result. He hadn’t slept on a plane since before he was one so I was surprised that he had over an hour’s sleep and he woke up in great form.Lanzarote Day 8 c

We landed just after 4pm to temperatures the same as what we had left behind, much to everyone’s shock! We collected our bags, got into the car and set off for home, stopping by a garage for fresh bread and milk. It was good to get home to our own house and I even got the first wash done before the evening was done.

Lanzarote Day 8 d
Home and in new pj’s

Overall we ended up enjoying ourselves after our disaster of a start and, as with each holiday we’ve had with BattleKid, we’ve learned a few lessons to remember in the future such as requesting a quiet apartment away from the entertainment in future. I’ll also ensure that I bring a little blanket in BattleKid’s Trunki for the flight if it will help him sleep, particularly when we travel to New York later in the year.

So what’s next I hear you say? Well, in an update to the planned Holiday Diaries 2016, we are actually off to Bluestone next month with W & S. Before we went to Lanzarote I’d sent them a message saying November seemed like ages away and I wondered if we could squeeze a trip in next month. It turned out they were going (I had forgotten they were going with friends) but their friends had dropped out and they didn’t mind us tagging along. I’ll be honest I’ve felt guilty ever since, that we’ve muscled in on their family weekend away, but they’ve assured us we are not and they’d like us along. And if you’re reading, S, you can tell us to bugger off still and we won’t be offended! I promise x

Lanzarote Day 7: 07/05/2016

BattleKid woke before 7am and BattleDad kindly took him into the living room so I could have another hours sleep. Just after 8 we got dressed, had breakfast and got ready to go to the beach. I was glad we had it to entertain BattleKid with in the mornings seeing as the pool had been out of the question and was too bloody cold as we found out the day before.

We didn’t get beds this time as we had only paid for them the day before and 15 minutes later left with a tired BattleKid so it wasn’t really worth it for the amount of time we were spending on them. The boys started the morning by watching fish in the sea before BattleKid decided to run back and forth between BattleDad at the sea shore and me at the towels while I was writing. No wonder he was knackered by lunchtime with all the running around he was doing and the fresh sea air! It was just a pity it didn’t help him sleep through at night, although I think the cause of the wakeups was mainly teeth driven as he currently has two of his last molars cutting through at the moment and they are taking their sodding time!Lanzarote Day 7 a

From the running game he moved onto collecting stones with BattleDad and I, filling his basket with stones of various shapes and sizes from all over the beach before throwing them into the water to, in his words, make a splash. Lanzarote Day 7 b

Lanzarote Day 7 e

Lanzarote Day 7 g

Lanzarote Day 7 c

Lanzarote Day 7 dHe never tired of that game and you can easily see why this type of lifestyle appeals to many. BattleDad would love to move somewhere like this to enjoy more times with BattleKid like this. Running free on a beach every morning appeals more than sitting indoors on a grey and wet welsh mountain. We need to win the lottery so we don’t need to work and can spend every morning at the beach with BattleKid. I keep playing in the vain hope it’ll happen one day!Lanzarote Day 7 h

Lanzarote Day 7 i

Lanzarote Day 7 f
Family toe dipping

After about an hour and a half a cranky BattleKid returned with BattleDad and we set off for the apartment for our routine shower and change of bandages. It was a bit sad to be leaving the beach for the last time in the morning and we had enjoyed every minute of our mornings on the beach with BattleKid, building sand castles for the first time, chasing him across the beach and teaching him to throw stones in the sea.

However, lunch had to wait as BattleKid fell asleep beside BattleDad on the sofa while watching some TV after his shower, so we transferred him to the cot and let him sleep. Just before 2 he woke so we went for our last lunch before they shut up shop so-to-speak. After lunch I got packing us while the boys played cars and watched the tablet. Packing for and after a holiday is the worst part for me, probably because I have to do 90% of it and it’s so boring!

At 5pm we got dressed and headed out of our resort for our last dinner on Lanzarote for a while. We could have eaten in the resort restaurant but decided against it and we were not alone in this as we saw a few fellow Flamingo patrons eating in the restaurant.

Lanzarote Day 7 j
View from the restaurant on our last night

We all shared starters of bread which was lovely and fresh, prawns, canarian potatoes and olives before BattleKid had spaghetti bolognaise and BattleDad and I had grilled seabass, a staple dinner for us when in the Canaries. It was delicious and cooked beautifully and a lovely way to finish off what ended up being an improving holiday as the week went on. However, as much as BattleKid enjoyed his bolognaise, he managed to destroy not only himself but the table and chair too. We left a big tip!Lanzarote Day 7 k

Lanzarote Day 7 l

Lanzarote Day 7 m After dinner we rounded off our holiday with walks along the wall and a last ride of the motorbike for BattleKid. He’ll miss that little ride!

I did a bit more packing while BattleKid settled and then BattleDad and I finished off Season 3 of Banshee. We thought it was finishing up the way it looked but Season 4 has just started in the states. We got to bed once we’d finished this but didn’t have a great night with BattleKid again.

Come back tomorrow for Home Day.

Lanzarote Day 6: 06/05/2016

We woke just before 7.30 and after milk went for breakfast. When we got back I changed BattleKid ready for the beach and off we went.

All our good intentions of hiring a car and going to see some of Lanzarote had evaporated by now. I think because we have done it in the past as a couple a few times we don’t feel like we are missing out. It is a bit lazy I guess but priorities change a lot when you have children and quality times spent together on the beach building sand castles, throwing stones and chasing each other seems a lot more appealing than driving around in a car sight-seeing places that BattleKid has no interest in.

I also think that due to the fact we don’t spend the week together, with BattleDad working away from home, we try to spend as much time together as a family on holidays to make up for it. I am sure we will do it all again in the future when BattleKid is older, but for now the beach has a far greater pull on us than Jameos del Agua or Mirador del Rio, both places I highly recommend you visit if you are ever holidaying in Lanzarote.Lanzarote Day 6 a

Lanzarote Day 6 j
A far more pleasant morning than the one before

The weather this morning was far more pleasant than the day before, still breezy but with more sunshine than clouds and the boys started building sand castles before BattleKid decided he wanted to do stones. So off he went, collecting some in his bucket, BattleDad in hot pursuit. Lanzarote Day 6 c

Lanzarote Day 6 d

Lanzarote Day 6 e
Family footprints in the sand
Lanzarote Day 6 f
Love is little hands finding a love heart stone

Lanzarote Day 6 g

Lanzarote Day 6 hWe had fun collecting big ones and small ones before splashing them into the sea. I must add that each day I did join the boys once I’d finished my writing, I didn’t leave BattleDad on his own with BattleKid. during the stone throwing stages poor BattleDad had to duck as BattleKid nearly skulled him with a rock when he threw it. That was the end of the stone throwing for this day I can tell you, too risky!

BattleDad and BattleKid then dug holes by the seafront to let the water fill it up before BattleKid decided to throw a sand/water mixture over his shoulder, which I found hilarious. He could have sat there for hours doing that. I managed to capture some of the water throwing on my phone and was happy with the pictures I got. Warning: Picture spam below.Lanzarote Day 6 k

Lanzarote Day 6 l

Lanzarote Day 6 m

Lanzarote Day 6 n

Lanzarote Day 6 o

Lanzarote Day 6 p

Lanzarote Day 6 q
My favourite water throwing picture from Day 6

Another round of castle building commenced, this time in moats, with BattleKid giving out to the sea for making his castle fall down with the tide. That is after he was barking orders at BattleDad to “build here dada”!

Lanzarote Day 6 r
Giving instructions of where the next castle was to go

Once BattleKid started getting tired we decided to head back, shower and get lunch before letting him nap. He slept for about 2 hours and once he was up we headed to the pool. BattleKid had fun on the fish water slide before we headed to a bigger pool to show BattleDad some of his new skills he’d been learning at our Waterbabies lessons. The water was quite chilly and BattleKid didn’t want to do anything so we didn’t stay in there too long. We’ve decided that the next sun holiday we do MUST have a heated pool, so any recommendations in Spain, Portugal or the Canaries would be welcomed!

After getting warm in the shower and changing BattleKid’s dressing for the second time, we got dressed for dinner and headed in Playa Blanca town. We decided not to eat at the resort and stopped at a restaurant called Brisa Marina. Lanzarote Day 6 s

Lanzarote Day 6 t

Lanzarote Day 6 u

Lanzarote Day 6 v

Lanzarote Day 6 w

We had garlic prawns and shared canarian potatoes with BattleKid, which he dived into, quite liking the green mojo sauce, and BattleDad and I had a mixed paella for our main. When in Spain and all that! There is no picture of the paella as we were too busy eating it to remember.Lanzarote Day 6 x

Lanzarote Day 6 y

Lanzarote Day 6 z

We had a nice leisurely stroll back, letting BattleKid walk on the walls as we got closer to our resort and the nightly ride on the motorbike. After milk and stories it took BattleKid over an hour to settle (the music was up a notch yet again) but BattleDad and I managed to sneak in two episodes of Banshee and 2 cuppas before bed. Again we were treated to two wakeups during the night.

Come back tomorrow for details of our last full day in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Day 5: 05/05/2016

We woke just after 7.30 after a few more wakeup calls from BattleKid and after his milk we got breakfast. Then we packed up and headed to the beach again with one excited BattleKid. It was such a hit the previous day. He carried his bucket and spade all the way there saying “build sand castles dada” and practicing his name and age with BattleDad, more firsts for them to share.

Lanzarote Day 5 a
Flamingo Beach, Playa Blanca


The clouds rolled in and the breeze picked up this morning but it didn’t stop the boys building sand castles and knocking them down, time after time. More dragon holes were dug and this morning BattleKid took to throwing stones into the water with BattleDad. He seemed in good form and poor BattleDad was worn out with him saying “a more dada” for more stones. BattleDad had more patience than I would have and I was grateful he did as I sat on the beach writing while watching them play together. Sometimes we mums need a break for five minutes to recharge our batteries.Lanzarote Day 5 b

Lanzarote Day 5 c

I soon joined the boys as they dug channels and holes at the water’s edge to collect water. BattleKid was shouting “go go water”, trying to encourage the tide to fill their channels and holes. I don’t know who had more fun during this exercise, BattleDad or BattleKid!

Lanzarote Day 5 e
Watching water fill their holes

Just before 11 the drops of rain started to fall so we packed up, along with a few others on the beach and headed back for our showers. It had actually turned chilly by now resulting in me wrapping myself in a towel (very fetching), so I was glad to get into a nice warm shower when we got back. We changed BattleKid’s bandage and dressing, and his wound seemed to be knitting together nicely. Yes, I got brave and looked. No, I didn’t faint.

BattleDad and BattleKid watched a little bit of the movie, Big Hero, on the tablet before we went for lunch. BattleKid picked at food again and afterwards I got him down for a nap while BattleDad finished off a works call. I read a few pages of my magazine before snoozing on the balcony under the umbrella. I learnt my lesson the hard way! At 4pm we woke BattleKid and he and BattleDad carried on watching their film while I pottered about and got ready for dinner.

We had to wait a few minutes for the restaurant to open and while we were waiting, BattleKid had a climb up and down one of the pool water slides, without going down it I might add, he would have been soaked otherwise.Lanzarote Day 5 e

Dinner this night was our last themed meal at the Green and Grill restaurant, just off the pool area and although it was very nice it came in second to the Tavern by the Sea for our favourite themed restaurant. This restaurant is all about meats and vegetables and the selection is quite good. The mixed and chicken kebabs were delicious and BattleDad enjoyed a freshly grilled steak. Again, the view from this restaurant towards Fuerteventura is lovely from the window seats, one of which we nabbed by being there as they opened. BattleKid didn’t seem too hungry and only picked again but was in relatively good form. Unfortunately I didn’t get any snaps of this restaurant but the decor is nice and the food was tasty.

We followed what became our nightly routine again of walking on walls while holding onto BattleDad. It’s funny how Dads are much more relaxed to this sort of activity than Mum’s are! After this, BattleKid had a ride on a car instead of the usual motorbike. It was a nice evening again, despite the chilly and grey start to the day.

Lanzarote Day 5 g
Walking on walls with BattleDad
Lanzarote Day 5 j
Riding a car instead of the motorbike

After milk and stories, BattleKid actually went down easy enough and was asleep quite quickly despite his earlier two and a half hour nap. BattleDad and I waited until we were sure he was asleep before risking tea with Banshee as the night before we’d had to pause it 3 times to go to him. We also dared to watch 2 episodes before turning in ourselves and were treated to only two wakeups compared to the previous nights 4!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 6.Lanzarote Day 5 d

Lanzarote Day 4: 04/05/2016

BattleKid woke at 5.15am asking for a nappy change and didn’t settle so I took him in with me. He snoozed briefly but was quiet until 7.15am. He was a little demon this morning, trying my patience and we were going through a rebellious stage, with throwing things and generally refusing to do things he was asked to do. Time on what we call the thinking mat (in line with nursery) was called for before breakfast!

Just after 8 and the time out we went for breakfast. We had just finished and were about to go when he spilled his drink, despite being told to be careful. My patience was wearing very thin I can tell you. We went back to the apartment and got ourselves ready to try the beach with him, rather than staying indoors or doing yet another walk into town. I stopped in a shop to buy a bucket and spade and we put our stuff on a set of beds at the front (€12 for two beds and a parasol for the day).

BattleKid and BattleDad had a great time building castles, and knocking them down, and digging a hole for dragons (dragons on this holiday referred to lizards). BattleKid then moved onto walking up and down our section of the beach and falling down in play, albeit on his good leg. He was careful to keep his bad knee up, much to my amusement. I was getting a bit worried about his leg and whether his bandage would keep the sand out. We also only let him paddle up to his teething anklets as I didn’t want anything getting to his wound that might cause infection. We didn’t change his bandage before the beach as we figured it would be better to change it afterwards to minimise the upset to BattleKid.Lanzarote Day 4 i

Lanzarote Day 4 j

Overall BattleKid enjoyed his time immensely at the beach, so much so we commented we would probably spend every morning after breakfast there. It was much more of a hit with him than last year I can tell you!

Just before 11.30 we headed back for a shower and to change BattleKid’s dressing and bandage. The sand that came off him was incredible. BattleKid was knackered but we managed to keep awake long enough for lunch. BattleDad took him back to change him and put him down, and I enjoyed 5 minutes peace over dessert. BattleDad always says to take my time and then comments that I didn’t take very long but those 5 minutes are enough at times. Just to eat dessert without a little birdie beside you trying to steal it is often enough for us mums.

I headed back and found BattleKid asleep already and BattleDad about to nap, so I went out onto the balcony again, put the umbrella up and read a bit more of my magazine before catching up with a bit of Snapchat. BattleKid slept for 2 hours and as we had time to kill before dinner, rather than staying in the apartment, we decided to get ice creams and go for a walk away from Playa Blanca town for a change. I covered BattleKid with his Snoozeshade™ while we walked into the sun to protect him, and took it off on the way back as he was out of the direct sunlight. It was a nice way to while away an hour or two.Lanzarote Day 4 b

Lanzarote Day 4 a

We got dressed after getting back and headed to the Tex Mex restaurant for dinner. This themed restaurant is as it is described, with the staff wearing sombreros. Dinner was Mexican and Deep South inspired and I was a little worried about what BattleKid would eat. The restaurant itself is nice and has a great view over the pool and out towards Fuerteventura, particularly from our table. Lanzarote Day 4 cThe food was tasty but BattleKid only picked at food and when we were done we headed to our nightly place, the seafront, to let BattleKid have a go on the motorbike again. This themed restaurant, while nice enough, is not my favourite of the themed dinners if I’m honest.

Lanzarote Day 4 d
View of the main pool from the restaurant

Lanzarote Day 4 e

Lanzarote Day 4 f
Nightly motorbike ride
Lanzarote Day 4 f
A nice family selfie (with permission from BattleDad to show his face)
Lanzarote Day 4 g
Gorgeous Canarian summer evening

Again, it took BattleKid a while to settle and once again I thought the entertainment music had been cranked up a notch. Every night it seemed louder than the last and despite earplugs I could still hear it when I went to bed. I do recommend that when booking a holiday resort, if you are travelling with young children with fairly strict bedtime routines like BattleKid, that you request an apartment away from the entertainment or pool. I didn’t and had assumed they would have the sense not to put families with young children right beside either. I planned to give this feedback to the hotel and travel company (and I did as we left).

Whatever it is about holidays, BattleDad and I couldn’t keep our eyes open past one or two episodes of Banshee and a cuppa or two of tea. Gone are the days of sitting up till after midnight drinking cocktails or wine!

BattleKid also woke around 2 again asking for a nappy change because “Ada poop”. There was no poop!

Come back tomorrow to see if the beach remained a hit.