Take Your Pic: Get Better Pictures with Your Phone

As bloggers we are always taking pictures, be it on our phones, on a DSLR or another camera. While we sometimes don’t carry a camera with us, we always have our phones with us. As a blogger, our phones are never far from our hands. It’s an occupational hazard and actually one that annoys me but something I can’t get away from. While you can’t beat a DSLR for great pictures, there are phones out there that can hold their own where picture taking is concerned.

So wouldn’t it be great to get some useful hints and tips to taking great pictures using our phones. Well Aura Frame – a new digital frame that pulls photos right from your phone – have complied a great infographic with just that: tips for getting great pictures using your phone. I employ quite a few of the tips when shooting with any form of camera such as rule of thirds and focusing on the eyes.

Take Your Pic

So why not try these tips out next time you are shooting with your phone!

Cath x

*Collaborative post. However, no remuneration was received for hosting this infographic.

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