Tenerife Day 2: 24/12/2016

We were up at 7am after a bad start to our Christmas holiday and soon got dressed and headed down to breakfast. While we were glad to finally be eating something decent the breakfast range in this Rui Hotel was not as good as the range at the Flamingo Resort of the Lanzarote Holiday Diaries.

After breakfast we decided to take a walk to the nearest supermarket to get milk, nappies and fruit, as strangely there was hardly any at breakfast. We passed by the Hard Rock Hotel, which is absolutely amazing. We got back by 11am so I decided to sit by the pool with BattleKid while BattleDad went to see our rep to complain about the poor planning the night before and the horrendous bed he was stuck with.

The rep in fairness was quite nice and actually mentioned to BattleDad that lots of people were complaining about the hotel and beds. So much so she felt like packing it in and going home to the UK! Unfortunately because of the time of year the hotel was completely full and there were no alternative beds or rooms available for us. The best she could do was get a mattress topper for him and while it helped a bit, it wasn’t the best solution. We also had to beg a kettle to ensure we could warm up BattleKid’s milk!Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 2

We had lunch at 1 and again the options and range available were not as good as the Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote. This Rui Hotel was supposed to be a 4 star hotel but it was anything but. The flamingo Resort is 6 star if this place is 4 stars. Aside from the bad bed, the wall paper was peeling away from the walls in our room, there were tiles from the door surround falling away, cracked tiles on our balcony and the edging around the pool was lethal. We saw a few toddlers and young kids stub their toes on the concrete edging that was coming away. We had to be extra vigilant with BattleKid around the pool area.

After lunch we got a swim nappy and headed for the pools, which are advertised as being heated in winter. I can tell you they are not. Both adult pools were Baltic and the kid’s paddling pool was freezing, although it was slightly warmer than the big pools. After 30 minutes paddling BattleKid was shivering with blue lips. Of course he just wanted to carry on playing so had an almighty fit when we took him out to warm him up!

Once he calmed down we played around our sunbeds before going up to our room for a warm shower at 4pm. We watched some TV and played cars until we went for dinner at 6pm.

As it was Christmas Eve, Santa was making an appearance for all the children staying at the hotel before he headed off again to deliver presents. He came into the foyer beside the pool, being pulled by some reindeers and he greeted every child and gave them a present before we left to get BattleKid to bed. I’ll give the hotel credit where it is due, this was a really good thing for them to do.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 2

BattleDad had to see the rep, as by 8pm we hadn’t received the mattress topper for the sofa bed. We also didn’t have a kettle at this stage so BattleKid had to have cold milk which he wasn’t fond of at bedtime, being used to warm milk. We were really cheesed off at having no kettle. We watched one episode of Mr Robot before heading to bed ourselves at 9.30pm. We all had an ok night’s sleep and we wondered if Santa would drop anything off for BattleKid as we were away.

Stop by tomorrow to see if Santa visited us in Tenerife!

Cath x

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