Tenerife Holiday Diaries

It had been a big decision for us to go away for Christmas but BattleDad was in need of some sun and we thought it might be the last time we could go away for Christmas as a family without BattleKid fretting how Santa would find us and get his presents to him. So, just before we headed to New York in September of last year, we booked an all-inclusive holiday with Thomson’s and chose to visit Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands we had not been to before.Tenerife Holiday Diaries

We were really looking forward to some warm weather and perhaps exploring the island a bit too. We chose a hotel with heated pools and flight times that were during the day. Going all-inclusive, even though we don’t drink alcohol, was definitely the way forward. It meant we wouldn’t need to worry about cooking or finding restaurants to eat in, especially over the holiday period.

So, today on the blog starts the Tenerife Holiday Diaries. Over the next week I will share our days with you and tell you if we got to explore any of the island while we were there and whether Christmas in the sun was any good!

Cath x

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