The Toddler Interview with BattleKid

the toddler interviewLast week a personal friend of mine on Facebook put up a post entitled “The Toddler Test” with a list of questions she asked her son and his answers. We found it hilarious to read his answers as he is just three weeks younger than BattleKid. So we decided to do an interview with BattleKid with the same list of questions and we also filmed it. Here I am sharing BattleKid’s answers to those same questions and the Toddler Interview video can be viewed below.

The Toddler Interview.

1. What’s your name? Alexander
2. How old are you? I 2
3. When is your birthday? In mum’s belly (no idea where he got this from)
4. How old is Mummy? 2
5. What is your favourite colour? I want yellow car (I should point out that yellow car is a game on BattleDad’s PS4!)
6. What is your favourite food? Toast (a surprise to both mum and dad)
7. Who is your best friend? Fabien (his friend in nursery)
8. What is your favourite song? Incy Wincy Spider (this does actually seem to be a favourite of his at the moment)
9. What is your favourite animal? Horse (not sure it is)
10. What are you scared of? I go on an airplane (he’s not afraid of airplanes, in fact he loves them)
11. What makes you happy? (No idea what his response is! If someone can decipher it we’d very much appreciate it, haha.)
12. What is your favourite place to go? Animals
13. What do you want to be when you grow up? I go asleep
14. What does love mean? Nobody (not even cuddles and kisses with BattleDad!)

If you’d like to join in simply ask your toddler the same questions and write the response down. No coaching them though! And if you film it please send me the link to your video and I’d love to see it! And tag it with #toddlerinterview on Twitter so I can find it!

Cath x

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