The Wedding Weekend – Day 1

A fortnight ago we travelled home to Ireland for one of my sisters weddings. Geri is the middle girl of four and the time had finally arrived for her wedding!

I woke up with a swollen eye and thought “oh no!”. This was all I needed the day before I was due to be bridesmaid. I had the Friday off thankfully to drop the dogs to kennels and to do final packing before we needed to pick BattleKid up and head for Birmingham Airport. So I called the doctors and got an appointment to see the nurse early enough. I went down and was told it was conjunctivitis. Oh brilliant! Armed with eye drops I went home to drop the dogs off and finish final packing before we collected BattleKid and got on the road.2015-10-23 08.00.12

We had to travel from Birmingham as no airline flies from either Cardiff or Bristol to Shannon, so Birmingham it was. We were flying to Shannon as the wedding was in County Clare so that would be easiest rather than flying to Dublin and facing a long drive to get to Clare. It did mean we wouldn’t get to see BattleDad’s family but it couldn’t be helped.

I got things sorted early enough on the Friday and we collected BattleKid shortly before 1pm and got on the road to Birmingham, me driving as BattleDad had a conference call he had to do. Everything was going fine until we hit the M5 and then we faced lots and lots of traffic. It was just as well that we left when we did as we needed to avoid parts of the M42 and didn’t get to check in until after 4pm, with our flight due to take off at 4.55! It didn’t leave much time to find something for BattleKid to eat who was due something, nor ourselves as we hadn’t had time for lunch! Our flight was on time and we were soon our way to Ireland. It had been 10 years since I had flown from Birmingham Airport and boy had it changed. I used to come in and out of there every three weeks visiting BattleDad while I finished my PhD in Ireland.


2015-10-23 16.47.33


After a smooth flight in which we got another signature and note in BattleKid’s Simply for Flying logbook, we went to pick up our car and drive the 20 minutes to the hotel. The girls at the Budget desk were lovely and so friendly, especially with BattleKid. It was lovely being back in Ireland.

We arrived at the hotel just before 8, checked in and had help from my sisters to unpack before bringing BattleKid down to the bar (in his pj’s) to see the rest of the family. It was lovely catching up with those we hadn’t seen in a while. We fed BattleKid his bottle and then brought him down to our room to get him into bed. BattleDad kindly stayed in the room so I could catch up a bit longer with my family and some friends who had travelled down from Dublin. I retired to our room before 11 and went to sleep quickly enough. It had been a long day and there was another one facing us the next day.

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