The Wedding Weekend – Day 3

BattleKid thankfully didn’t wake too early despite the clocks going back and we joined my cousin’s wife and their son, my sister and my niece and nephew for breakfast. Soon after my parents arrived and sat beside us. Again, the breakfast was heavenly and I filled up on a full Irish with fruit.

After breakfast we took the toddlers and my nephew out into the garden of the hotel for a little photo shoot. Unfortunately the light wasn’t great so we didn’t stay outside too long. Once we were done outside we took the toddlers to the playroom in the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Yes it was just a large room in the hotel but it had loads of toys in it, enough to keep BattleKid and his cousin occupied for a while. We were filling in the time before joining everyone for a swim in the hotel pool.20151025_100742

We made our way down to the pool just after 10.30 and BattleKid and his cousin practised their Waterbabies moves together. It was great seeing both of them happy and confident in the water. When we were dressed we met my parents in the bar and had toasted sandwiches and a baby bowl for lunch as we were too early for the carvery. After lunch it was time for the youngsters to have their nap and BattleDad joined BattleKid while I went off with my mum to do a bit of shopping.

We visited my favourite Irish store, Dunnes Stores, and I picked up a few bits for BattleKid and also a lovely outfit for my niece for my mum to put up until next year. I just couldn’t pass it by. It was a lovely little denim dungarees dress with white and yellow (mustard shade) top and the most adorable mustard yellow duffel coat to go with it. I can’t wait to see pictures of her in it. After returning to the hotel I stopped off at the bar where my dad and brother-in-law were watching football over a cold drink each. I ordered a Rock Shandy, which you can’t get in the UK, and enjoyed chatting with my dad and then uncle before going back down to BattleDad. BattleKid was still snoozing. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon, much-needed after the hustle and bustle of the day before.

Around 5pm we joined our family in the bar for dinner and finally saw both the bride and groom who were off out into town for an evening with their friends.  I font know where they were finding the energy. I got us mostly packed up after dinner before we put BattleKid down and, thanks to BattleDad, spent another hour or so with my family before returning to the room to watch the MotoGP race on the laptop with BattleDad. We turned in early and got a good night’s sleep. It was a lovely relaxing day overall. The next day was home day!

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  1. It sounds like you really got to make the most of your trip – a wedding, playtime, swimming, shopping and MotoGP! So glad you guys had such a fab time xx

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