The Wedding Weekend – Day 4

Home day. But not until the evening.

We were awake and dressed early so had our last breakfast with everyone bar the happy couple (who didn’t finish until 2.30am). After breakfast we did our final packing and decided to go see BattleDad’s sister in Kildare for lunch as unfortunately a trip to Dublin was just too far in order for us to make it back to Shannon on time for our 6.30pm flight.

It was a miserable day but we made our way to Kildare, arriving just after 11am. It was lovely seeing my sister-in-law and the kids who are all growing up so fast. We had a lovely lunch and a lovely few hours with them before we got on the road back to Shannon. The road system has vastly improved in Ireland since we left over 10 years ago with the motorways cutting down travel time dramatically. It’s so much easier to get to places these days.

Before we dropped the car off we filled it up and then got the courtesy bus over to the terminal. We did the quick check in at the kiosks as the desk for our flight wasn’t opened and then got rid of our bags at the bag drop desk. Before going through to departures we stopped at the Aran Sweater Market and bought a lovely ‘Clann’ picture, which means family in Irish. My idea is to one day have a ‘Family’ photo wall in our house (from ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest) so thought this picture would be lovely for it. One day!

We went through security and found somewhere to sit down. BattleKid hadn’t napped in the car on the way from Kildare which worried me. To top it off our flight was delayed by an hour and a half so we had more time to kill and more time with a toddler who hadn’t napped!

We found a kids play area and took it in turns to go there with BattleKid until we got our food. He ate fairly well and then was back to more playing, this time on his Trunki!IMG-20151027-WA0000

We eventually took off at 8pm and landed just before 9.30, the time we should have hit Wales on the drive home. I wasn’t very happy. BattleKid didn’t fall asleep on the plane despite having his bottle and being in his pj’s. He’s a proper nosy parker and I’m sure he doesn’t want to sleep in case he misses out on something!

When we put BattleKid into the car I put him into his Grobag as I knew he’d most likely nod off. We packed up the car and set off for home. Just after we left Birmingham Airport we had an idiot nearly crash into us on a motorway slip road. I took the van details and am in the process of compiling an email to the company. He could have wiped us out with the way he was behaving!

We got home just before midnight and took a sleeping BattleKid inside, changed his nappy and put him into bed, with us following suit soon after.

We had a lovely time at my sister and new brother-in-law’s wedding and have memories to treasure. I can’t wait to see the pictures! We didn’t do some of the things we had planned but did others instead like see my sister-in-law and the kids!

Next for us in terms of travels is a trip to Thomasland in December when we will be meeting up with my sister-in-law and the kids, and bringing BattleKid to meet Father Christmas for the first time in the Castle of Dreams for Drayton Manor’s Magical Christmas. I can’t wait to see what he makes of it. Tune in in December for those holiday diaries and keep an eye on my Snapchat (battlemum) and Instagram for live pictures and snaps of our time there!

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