USA Road Trip 2017

Tomorrow on the blog starts our Holiday Diaries of our USA Road Trip which we started at the end of August. And what a trip it turned out to be. From amazing Yellowstone, to smokey Missoula, to hip and trendy Portland, we saw it all. We had a great time, all three of us, and we have some amazing memories and photos to look back on.

It was a brilliant two weeks. We unplugged in Yellowstone and thoroughly enjoyed seeing mother nature at her rawest. We dodged the fires and smoke in Montana to still enjoy ourselves seeing some places we would otherwise have missed during our stay there. Although our original plans didn’t come about we still had a great time. And once our long drives were done, we chilled and had relaxing family time in Portland, enjoying a city we’d always wanted to visit. 

And from tomorrow I start sharing our days with you. Some are a little less exciting than others, as we did drive 3000 miles over 60 hours during our two weeks in Northwest America, but other days were just out of this world. I still have much more detail on each of our destinations along the way I want to share with you, but those posts are still being written up. So for now, I hope you’ll come along on our daily journey diaries of our incredible USA Road Trip Holiday.

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